The Bachelorette: Episode 1- Good Mojo 4 Jojo

The latest season of The Bachelorette premiered on Monday night, and although it was about two hours of carbon copy white dudes exiting a limo, it was worth watching just to see the previews for what looks like a crazy dramatic season!

I wont go into too much detail of what happened (this isn’t a recap, there are people being paid to write those elsewhere), but I will give you my thoughts, talk shit and swoon about yesterday’s fantastic premiere!

Let’s start with the belle of the ball:



I’m a big fan of Jojo. I think she’s beautiful and charming and was really excited when she was named the next Bachelorette. I think Jojo and former Bachelorette Andi Dorfman are similar in that they’re both successful Southern women who drop “y’all” left right and center, with great hair and fake and bake tans, but unlike Andi, Jojo reads much softer and sweeter on camera.

Ok, let’s talk about the men.


Jordan is already the front-runner of the season because he nabbed the first impression rose and is brother to NFL player Aaron Rodgers (who I refer to as Olivia Munn’s boyfriend). I’m not sold on Jordan, but he has thunder thighs and skinny jeans and in high school I would have eaten that shit up. Be careful, Jojo “Former Pro-Football” player is code word for “Unemployed Fame Seeker.”


Listen, I’m sure Chad’s mom thinks he’s great, but in actuality, Chad looks like he’s one injection of ‘roids away from committing a murder suicide (also his neck-beard looks like untamed bush) The temper on this one looks terrifying. The only thing that upsets me more than an angry, violent man, is a sales person who doesn’t know the importance of staying on brand. Seriously, Chad – you’re a real estate agent. Do you think this is good for your brand/sales/client base? Get it together. Read a book. No bueno, Chad. NO BUENO!


I legit burst out laughing when Luke stood against a barn looking like a Clint Eastwood impersonator at a roadhouse restaurant. Although he’s an army vet, he’s also an aspiring country singer. I’m already dreading the inevitable moment when he pulls out a six string and serenades Jojo with a song. It’s cringe worthy. I’ve dated some musicians in my time, and I would laugh whenever they tried to serenade me. Work on your craft…but in a sound proof room.



The hipster is so far my personal favourite of the season. Have you read his Bachelorette bio? Swoon. Have you seen his Ethan Hawke Reality Bytes hair? That’s the dream. Apparently Brandon is actually a model (which I could overlook) but judging by his beaded bracelet and the fact that Jojo seems uninterested in circle scarfs and slam poetry, his days seem numbered.

This season looks dramatic as f*ck, and I’m so excited for glittery gowns, balyage highlights and testosterone fueled bitch fights.

Are you watching this season? Who are your favourites so far?



Things that make you go “NOPE!”

I’m in the first 24 hours of Red Wedding Week, which means everyone around me is treading lightly like they’re looking for landmines with Princess Diana. If I don’t constantly have a chocolate bar or cookie in my hand, I’m a miserable human being to be around.

Since I’m hormonal and volatile, I obviously thought, “Why not channel this ovarian rage into a blog post?”


Here’s a list of things I’m irrationally hating this week.

Zooey Deschanel reveals the name of her baby girl to be Elsie Otter.



Really? An Otter? Is that a family name? Unless it’s after a relative who fled Eastern Europe during the Holocaust, that’s a dumb name to give to your baby. In fact…

People who name their babies after animals – NOPE.

Bear. Birdie. Raven. Hawk. Phoenix. Fox.

I don’t even like the name Joey because it makes me think of Kangaroos. Sure, it’s cute to say, “This is our little baby Bear” but in 20 years when Bear’s applying for a job, I’m worried he’s going to wear his best Birkenstocks and shirt made of hemp to the interview.


People who Instagram pictures of themselves doing Yoga – NOPE.

There’s nothing zen and in the moment of you asking your friend to get out of warrior pose and snap your picture. You’re not searching for balance and inner peace, you’re thirsty for likes. Buddha’s judging you.

Drake’s Turtleneck – NOPE

Like all girls within a 100km radius of Toronto, I for sure have a lady hard-on for Drake. What I refuse to accept is that he’s trying to bring back the turtleneck for men in his video Hotline Bling. Not just a turtleneck, a chunky knit turtleneck of 98 Degrees proportions. I’m not against people keeping their necks warm, but I will not stand by and let the early 2000’s come back into fashion. If we let this happen we’re opening the door for bedazzled boot-cut jeans and studded belts.

I won’t stand for it.


#NormalizeBreastfeeding – NOPE

This hashtag drives me up the wall. Normalize breastfeeding? I can’t think of anything that’s MORE normal than breastfeeding a baby. Seriously. There was literally a point in history when there was a woman, in your village or town, whose job was to breastfeed babies that weren’t even her own. It’s called a Wet Nurse.


This is you, 300 years ago  Source

Just like I don’t enjoy when people Instagram food, I don’t enjoy people who post pictures of themselves breastfeeding their children. I get it, it’s natural. It’s good for your baby, and all those who don’t breastfeed will burn in the fiery depths of hell (yeah right), but please. I came on Instagram for two reasons :

  1. To stalk randoms and celebrities with beautiful hair and to feel like shit about my life
  2. Kittens

That’s it.

I want to have unrealistic ideas about other people’s lives, and I want to look at foster kittens. I don’t want to interrupt your child’s dinner. Frankly, it’s rude. No phones at the dinner table. Have some manners.

So, that’s me for the next 4-6 days. If anyone needs me I’ll be in bed by 5pm with a giant bag of Skinny Pop binge watching American Horror Story.

I bid you farewell.


To all the babies and future babies named after animals, I’ll still love you.

Friday Five – Thanksgiving, American Horror Story, Gigi Hadid and more!

Happy Friday!

It was a short work week here in Canada due to last weekend being Thanksgiving!

I hope you Canuck’s got a chance to eat some yummy food, be with your loved ones and watch the Blue Jays kick serious baseball ass! Woo! One step closer to the World Series!

I’m not a huge sports fan but I’m a huge fan of athletes…amirite ladies?

Here’s what I’m loving about this week…


We’ve had some health issues in our family recently (luckily my Grandpa’s on the mend), so this Thanksgiving there was no concrete plan for holiday dinners. I was lucky enough to be invited to Marie’s parent’s house for dinner, who have always made me feel like I’m one of their own.


Marie’s Mom is an AMAZING cook. I always leave with a full belly and full heart, with her cooking reminding me of my Nani’s classic Italian recipes. Everything is full fat, butter and fried…it’s delicious!

American Horror Story: Hotel

Ok. So here’s where you’re going to think I’m a bit of a blasphemer. When I was a Religious Studies major in University without any spiritual ties, I decided to create my own personal Holy Trinity for shits and giggles. I’m half joking, half serious when I say, that my personal equivalent of the Holy Spirit is Lady Gaga – a colourful, ever changing, powerful life force …with fabulous wigs.

I’m now watching AHS: Hotel starring Gaga and although I’m not sold on this season, I am pleasantly surprised by Gaga’s acting chops. GIRL can sell being a vampire like it’s nobody’s business. Which…yes, is in direct opposition to the lightness that is everything heavenly, but still. It’s my theology and I’m sticking with my choice!

Are you watching American Horror Story?

It’s perfectly timed for Halloween. Check it out so we can chat!

Gigi Hadid in Elle Canada

I was in at the salon getting my roots colored, because I’m white already at 28, when I picked up the latest issue of Elle Canada with supermodel of the moment, Gigi Hadid, on the cover.

While my opinions on Ms. Hadid were that she was just a pretty face with rich parents and a  famous boyfriend. I must confess I was thoroughly impressed by her interview with the mag. Hadid is a PR superstar, knowing the value of building relationships with industry professionals and fans alike. It’s rare that you see a celebrity, a young celebrity at that, be a consummate professional.

If you’re looking for some brain and eye candy, check out the article here!

Carrie Underwood – Heartbeat

I’m always pushing Country music. Sorry, not sorry, y’all!

The second single from Underwood’s soon to be released album, Storyteller, features Sam Hunt’s vocals on the chorus.

Yup. That Sam Hunt. The one that makes my loins burst into flames like a head full of hairspray near an open flame.

The song is a typical country tune, about nights under the stars and slow dancing near a river, but it’s one you definitely need to check out!

Take a listen!

and finally…..

Angelina Jolie for Vogue

Remember that personal Holy Trinity I mentioned earlier? Here’s my walking, talking, raven haired, Jesus.

I adore Angelina Jolie for so many reasons besides her blessed bone structure. Jolie is open about her personal life, but not for the sake of entertainment. She shares her vulnerability to connect with others and uses her fame to bring attention to her humanitarian efforts. Hollywood’s most glamorous A-Lister is spends her time with the poorest of the poor, and she does it with grace.

Personally, I admire Jolie because she transitioned from this wild child to a humanitarian and mother. For me this has always been admirable because it reminds me that we are not our past, and we can become whatever or whoever it is we want to be!

Check out Angelina on the latest cover of Vogue, with photos featuring the entire Jolie-Pitt clan here!

Woman’s sex drive dies, Adam Levine’s baldness to blame

Breaking News:  Toronto, Ontario

A Canadian woman tragically lost her libido after a brief glance at Adam Levine’s bald head. This no longer sexual being is just one of many who are suffering in the wake of Levine’s latest look. The Maroon 5 singer debuted his peach fuzz Monday night on the hit NBC television show The Voice, cooling many loins in it’s wake.

“All I wanted to do was watch The Voice. I turned on my television, saw Adam Levine and all of a sudden I just went numb from the waist down. ” Elizabeth Regina, 28,  of Hamilton, Ontario told reporters during a press conference. “He had no hair. I close my eyes at night and I just keep seeing his forehead. It’s horrible.”

Friends of Elizabeth tried to frantically revive her libido by streaming music videos by Sam Hunt and Nick Jonas. After approximately 20 minutes without so much as a tingle in her lady pringle, she was taken to hospital where doctors  pronounced her libido as permanently deceased.

“Unfortunately, authorities received several calls of distress similar to Elizabeth’s before The Voice went to it’s first commercial break last night,” said Sue Jeffries, a representative from Hamilton General Hospital. “We weren’t equipped to handle the overflow of patients. We had to warn nurses and doctors not to Google Levine’s bald head as reference. We don’t know what would happen if our medical professionals suddenly became incapacitated as well.”

The Red Cross and FEMA are confirming, as many suspected, that the number of casualties is expected to measure in the hundreds of thousands by the end of today.

Dr. Brian Butler of  Johns Hopkins University, says the effects of Levine’s new look may have a long lasting impact around the world. “We’re facing a potentially global population problem,” writes Butler in an exclusive e-mail to Honestly, Libby. “If Adam Levine doesn’t grow back his hair, women everywhere might never want to have sex again.”

In a broadcast that interrupted Monday night’s episode of the voice, President Barack Obama urged Americans to remain calm. “We are a nation filled with hope. We will overcome. With patience and determination, we will wait until Adam Levine’s hair returns to it’s coal colored, disheveled splendor. Brighter days are ahead.”

Hollywood heavyweights Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham have been designated by UNICEF as Goodwill ambassadors in light of yesterday’s outbreak. These bald headed celebrities will be visiting hospitals around the world to try to bring comfort to ailing victims.


Willis: Bald is Beautiful source

“We just want them to know it’s possible to love someone who’s bald.” Willis told reporters. “Baldness can be attractive.”

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Regina and thousands like her, are finding it hard to remain positive. “I keep punching myself in my legs, hoping to feel something – anything. I’ve worn my tightest pants, and have been re-watching all five seasons of Game of Thrones, but there’s still nothing.”

Levine did not provide a response at press time. Honestly, Libby will continue to follow this story as it develops.

If you would like to donate to the Adam Levine Rogain Relief fund, visit

*Obviously these quotes are fake. But if you or someone you know has lost their libido, you're in my prayers.

Let’s Discuss: Emmy fashion!

The Emmy’s!

Does anyone even watch awards shows anymore? I don’t. I live for red carpets and die a small death when it comes to awards shows. If it’s not hosted by Tina or Amy, GTFO.

That being said, let’s start our week off right: With some pretty dresses!

The scale: I’m judging based on vodka soda’s. This is my go-to drink otherwise known as a “Skinny Bitch”.

The BEST dressed of the night will get the holy grail of 5 Vodka Soda’s out of 5. That’s as many drinks it takes for me to think I’m Kim Kardashian.


Here we go!

Here are my picks for best dressed on the Emmy red carpet:

Naomi Watts wearing Dior Haute Couture

Oh, Naomi. It’s so true about wanting what you can’t have. Even though I’m an olive skinned Mowgli Jungle Book lookalike, I go nuts over fair haired light skinned beauties like Naomi Watts. Her Dior looked fresh, pretty and glamorous amongst the dark hues and the long dresses on the red carpet.

I love, love, love the length of this dress. It’s youthful and weather appropriate (I see you, California temperatures).

Naomi loses points for her messy hair. I would have loved to have seen her hair down or slicked back. Never tendrils. Never.


Lady Gaga wearing Brandon Maxwell

I measure my life in black dresses, which is why I was losing my shit when Gaga appeared on the red carpet looking like a bona fide movie star (among TV stars). I also love that Gaga wore a dress designed by her real life BFF, Brandon Maxwell. If you’re an Instagram stalker and you legit think that Gaga’s your best friend (like I do) then you know last week the singer played assistant to her friend during New York Fashion Week, working behind the scenes to make his show a success.

I love that Gaga’s keeping it simple with the hair and make-up, but I’m taking one Vodka Soda away because I would have loved a really great bracelet or just a little more bling.


Taylor Schilling wearing Stella McCartney

I may loathe Piper on Orange is the New Black, but I adore Taylor Schilling on the red carpet. Yellow seemed to be a popular colour last night, but in my humble/basic bitch opinion, nobody wore it better than Taylor!

The hair, the lip, the interesting neckline? I’m foaming at the mouth.

I’m taking away half a vodka soda because I want the dress to be a smidgeon longer, but I’m giving her look 4.5 vodka soda’s out of 5.


Kerry Washington wearing Marc Jacobs

I am not mad at this sexy Joan of Arc look she’s serving on the red carpet. I love the length, that it’s not overly feminine and that it’s got a 3/4 sleeve. Y’all know I LOVE A 3/4 SLEEVE! Kerry stood out in a sea of floor length gowns (or not so floor length, amirite Taylor?)

I’m giving Kerry 5/5 Vodka Sodas! We have a Winner!


Those are my picks for the Best Dressed! Who were you loving?

Tell me in the comments below!


Game of Thrones and Outlander (because modernity is overrated)

I was creeping blogs today reading fan theories about Game of Thrones, and stumbled across a gem that made me laugh out loud with joy.


Amazing, right?

Like most people, I watched the leaked episodes in one sitting so I’m biding my time with Outlander until episode 5 of this season finally airs.

I’m not even going to lie to you, I have zero interest in the Game of Thrones books. I don’t want to read them and have the series spoiled or be that person taking to Facebook saying, “Actually, according to the books…” No. Those people need to get out before they get a kick to the shins.

I won’t post any “spoilers” but I’m curious if y’all are loving the new season?

Here are my thoughts, since nobody asked:

1. Cersei is everything .

I could watch Lena Heady smell a fart and it would be Oscar worthy. I need more Jamie/Cersei naked wrestling, because unlike you literalists, they are just two beautiful actors who happen to play twins on television. I’m a OK with their incest.

2. Brienne of Tarth needs to be on my side in a bar fight

I dig her androgyny. She could be Draco Malfoy’s older, nicer, kick-ass sister. If shit got real, I would be yelling, “Brienne!” unapologetically.

3. I’m over Khaleesi

We get it. Next.

4. More Sansa & Littlefinger

This brings back Lolita plot lines for me. I’m all about this pairing. Even though he basically betrayed her father and had him killed…

5. Jon Snow needs to man up

Get the hell away from the wall and do something interesting, please. And stop looking like you’ve just been hit in the nads. It’s nota  cute look for you.

Ok – one last thing.


Have you not seen this show? Do you not like Scottish men and sex in a meadow?

This show is about a woman in the 1940’s who travels back in time to the 18th century and falls in love with a highlander named Jamie.

A ginger mega-babe. Which basically doesn’t exist. Bitch found a unicorn.


Last night’s episode was wonderfully entertaining and can be summed up 3 words: “flaccid turtleneck dink”


I won’t spoil for you because it JUST aired, but man oh man. There was some great character development last night and even though I was up passed my bedtime, I didn’t want the episode to end. I can almost understand why women like 50 Shades of Grey, because this show is my equivalent  only there’s no BDSM and not at all based on Twilight fan fiction. WHICH MEANS IT’S SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT.

A corporate life update

I’m almost through my first week at my new job. I should probably stop calling it a job now. I’m told it’s the first step in a “career” but that just makes me think of ill fitting blazers.

It’s going well. I really like the work, but I miss my old crew and have found myself a gender minority in the new locale. The guys are really nice, and bless, they’re trying hard to include me in the 3 o’clock tea ritual (so masculine!) but I have little to contribute to their conversations about lifting and cars. I scroll through instagram gasping at the latest celeb headlines (yes, from instagram) and have nobody to make fun of celeb baby names with. It’s a sad, y’all.

On my first day I got lost in the cubicle maze a few times, forgot several people’s names and walked into a cubicle wall. I awkwardly interrupted a conversation between two men who are probably my father’s age when they were having a debate over what SAMCRO  meant.

 “Hi I’m Libby, and it’s Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Originals. I’m new.”


So far the best part of my day has been listening to the small talk in the morning. The aforementioned dad crowd is my favourite. “Did you know what a ‘cleaner’ is on those murder type shows?”  followed by a full recount of the plot of Pulp Fiction when the one dad said he didn’t know who Quentin Tarantino was. I half expected Quentin to just magically appear and shout, “DJANGO!” and then violently kill him.

Nothing like a bloodbath at 8am.

THE BEST part so far has been when I went to another branch to conduct a training session and tried making a tea in the office kitchenette. I was standing with a co-worker, when all of a sudden a woman said to me out of nowhere, “I just started reading Fifty Shades of Grey!”

Amazing. Ah-mazing.

I replied with a “Oh, wow” and then left. Whenever people tell me they’ve read that Twilight fan fiction I just feel as though we’ve crossed into territory best saved for lovers.

Today I had my first sesh with l’ therapist Silverfox since October. I feel it’s best to get a good vent out early in the year. I had a small panic attack and talked about nonsensically about how I still fear teen pregnancy, my own mortality and am angered intensely by vanity license plates, but he says we’re making progress.

He told me to lay off the David Foster Wallace whenever I’m feeling blue or stressed, and to instead read something uplifting or entertaining. He suggested a Hunger Games reprieve from my vortex that is Wallace, but I refuse. How dare you suggest I read Hunger Games. How dare you!



I digress. I need to get to bed, but I just called to say I love you, and I miss bl.ogging and chatting with you.

I leave you now with some Wallace because the man knew my soul.

“Because here’s something else that’s weird but true: in the day-to day trenches of adult life, there is actually no such thing as atheism. There is no such thing as not worshiping. Everybody worships. The only choice we get is what to worship.”

Bachelor Chris! Let’s Harvest some love

Two widows!
A virgin in the fantasy suite!
I can’t stand the excitement!
Let’s go!

The episode opens with Chris riding a motorcycle through farmland. I love motorcycles. You could put Larry King on a motorcycle and I’d do a double take of his butt. With Chris it’s automatic visions of us and Passionate love making in the middle of a wheat field with Chris wearing his ultimate boyfriend gingham shirt ( I like your style bro!) shuck that corn! Shuck it! Shuck it!

Chris tells us what he’s looking for – love, friendship, a partner blah blah blah (I think the American national anthem was playing). We get it. after like 20 seasons we know the speech like the back of our hand.

I got together with my girlfriends to watch the premiere episode. We had an abundance of snacks and judgement. We were ready to dissect the bachelorettes and pick our favourites.

Here are the rules: We pick our top three on the first episode and are given one wild card to pick during the season. Whoever wins is the Queen of Everything until next season.

The season started with a pre-show talking to past contestants, and giving previews of the bachelorettes. Here’s who we met….

I’m skeptical of any girl who lives in Hollywood and goes on the bachelorette. Gold digger? Maybe. The first chick, Brit, giving away free hugs needs to find the person giving away free sandwiches. She’s skinny Minnie.

All these skinny bitches on this show. I want to know what kind of New Years resolutions they had. Maybe they’re born naturally skinny. Cue to commercial for hydroxycut.

Jillian news producer: Nobody with a real career makes it on the bachelor save for Andi. Who promptly gave up her career for a man. So. Choice is yours.

Alyssa – flight attendant. Iowa doesn’t have planes. So I don’t know where the eff you think he lives.

Kelsey- widow, I can’t hate widows. I won’t even say what we’re all probably thinking. But hey. Good for you.

First limo rolls up…I’m arguing with the girls that Chris looks like he doesn’t go for obvious beauty. I bet you he’s into interesting faces and birthing hips. Someone who can haul hay and take a kick from a cow.

Brit hands Chris a note and says “I’ll explain later” obviously assuming farmer Chris can’t read. Ignorant. She also cried mid hug and ruins the moment.

Makeup artist Megan has no chance. Did you not hear Chris? There are 400 people in Chris’ town. You can’t have a sustainable career doing makeup for about 50 people. Bye Felicia!

Reegan aka Hannibal Lector is carrying around human remains to attract a man. Or a vampire. Bye, Hannibal!

Tara goes for the Daisy Duke look and wore her best cowboy boots for the event. She’s making enemies. Which means Chris probably loves it. She goes for round two in a cocktail dress. I would respect her more if she stuck to her guns. But she didn’t. So bye, Daisy!

Silver dress. Want that dress. We all agree we need that dress! You look boring but I need that dress.

Token Canadian is a dance instructor. Who swears like a sailor. And asks Chris to plow her. She’s probably a stripper. Who owes someone a lot of money. Because she stole their drugs.

Ashley I – the freelance journalist with the perfect hair and brows. So far two of us have called her as a final three.

Chris decides not to receive the last limo of desperates, causing the entire room to count repeatedly to fifteen wondering where the other girls are.
Chris. Christopher. Chris. What are you doing. Always take the 25 and throw away the ugly 10.
Rookie mistake.

Fertility nurse Whitney makes things sexual talking about making babies. She’s becoming a front runner. Looking like the perfect farmers wife before she learns to make pie.

The Ballet teacher steals Chris away looking like a low rate Britney Spears impersonator. Her eyes are so wide. My one friend says you could shake her eyeballs and find out your fortune. Bitch looks nuts. Britney Spears in 2007 nuts.

Chris Harrison calls Farmer Chris on his shit and decides more limos need to arrive.

Becca comes out wearing rocker boots and makes an impression on Chris. Ding ding. We might have another contender!

WWE Diva in training shows up to the party in a skating costume. Risky move. Risky for sure. A failure but I appreciate the effort to incorporate the ice capades.

Last limo and the girls are knee deep in vodka crans. Previews show it’s going to get ugly but 4th grade teacher Tracey seems cute and chipper enough to woo Chris.

Jade comes out and stuns Chris with her beauty but I’m distracted by her white shoes. Only two year olds and brides can wear white shoes- and the only place they’re wearing them is to church. Get it together. Pretty is from head to toe. Not head to ankle. For shame *tsk tsk*

The Canadian continues to sully our good name by wearing Lululemon pants and breakdancing. Check yourself. Get your passport. Go home. Do it for your country.

The ritual of stealing the bachelor every two minutes has begun. I would lose my shit if I had to listen to beautiful people say, “Can I steal you for a minute?” In 30 second intervals. Y’all are messed. Break out the boggle. Redeem yourself.

Chicks are getting drunk, girls are getting sloppy. Hair is losing it’s volume. It’s getting messy. In the middle of this disaster, Brit wins the first impression rose and the first smooch of the season. She’s looking like a mermaid about to be harpooned by angry pirates. There’s something kind of off with this chick. I’m taking her off my list. There something a miss! Mark my words!!!

First ceremony and we’re making our picks.




Kelsey (even though I threw shade at the widow)

We still have all of our wild cards!

Who will win?!?!?

Did you watch?

Do you even need to watch after my play by play?

Can’t wait until next week!


We’ll always have Charming

The series finale of Sons of Anarchy aired last night. I did not watch. I will watch tonight alone in my room with the lights off….clutching something leather (or pleather)… weeping like an Italian widow.


I’ve been on the SOA train since Day 1. I’m like the Piney. I’m obsessed/fascinated/emotionally invested in this show and am not really ready to believe it’s over, but I get that it’s important to know when to leave the party.There’s something to be said for a show leaving when it’s still at the top of it’s game. Some shows have gone on too long (hey, Greys Anatomy!) and others lose their luster and have endings that miss the mark entirely (LOST, Gilmore Girls etc).

Are there any shows you were particularly sad to say good-bye to?


I’ve seen a few of these ‘Currently’ posts kicking around on some of my fave wordpress blogs and thought I’d give it a whirl!

Currently watching:

Gilmore Girls on Netflix. While I’m getting ready for work, when I get home from work, I’m always watching GG now that it’s on Netflix and I don’t have to pry my bum off the couch to change DVD’s. Something so comforting about this show. I’m going to run away to Stars Hollow and meet a cranky diner owner and have little flannel progeny.


Currently reading:

This is what inspired me to write this post. I didn’t want to do a whole book post (not sure if y’all would be into that) but I JUST finished This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. I wanted to read the book before I watched the movie so I could compare the two #bibliophileproblems. This book was hilarious and so well written with such honest observations about family. I laughed out loud reading this novel. I’m really excited to see the movie to see if they captured the humour of Tropper’s writing.

download (2)

Next up is, I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb, but I’m always open to suggestions! What are you reading? What are your favourite books. Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

Currently listening:

I downloaded Vance Joy’s album Dream Your Life Away. I love singer songwriters and have this album on while I’m writing. It’s calming, clever and boy oh boy, does that boy know how to sing!

images (2)

Currently making:

Does my short story project count? I’ve hit a wall. I’ve given myself a quota of 10 pages per month. This month I’ve only written one….

Currently feeling:

See my earlier post about needing a good cry. I have no idea why!

Currently planning:

Halloween costumes! I’ve never done a couples costume before so I’m really looking forward to this Halloween with my manpanion. We can either be Mary Poppins and Bert, or Dorothy and the Scarecrow. Which would you choose?

images (1)

Currently loving:

Bobbi Brown’s fragrance Beach. I tried it at Sephora the other day and my friends and I agreed it smells exactly like summer. I then had to explain to my bf that Whitney Houston’s ex was not making women’s fragrances and had to Google Bobbi Brown cosmetics to prove it. download (1)

Tell me about you! What are you up to?

How’s life?

How’s you?