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Friday Five! Baby Spurgeon, Bieber and more!

Happy Friday the 13th!
I’m looking forward to the weekend and some QT in Pajamaville a suburb of Couch City.
This week has been a little busy for me since I’ve been pet-sitting for a few different people. If you didn’t know, Pet/House Sitting is practically a second job for me. I’m convinced it’s because people one, know I’m 28 and still live at home with my mom and two, know nothing in the world makes me happier than spending time with animals.
So. That’s me this week.
Here are 5 things that happened this week that we should discuss!

1 . Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue

I’m convinced J-Law and I would be friends, but begin as the friends who meet and hate each other. Don’t you have those friends? One of my best friends, Krissy and I started that way. She thought I was a bitch, I thought she was a bitch who made great cupcakes. Now we speak every single day for hours on the phone because I’m a needy friend and can’t make my hour and a half commute home with just Adele or Carrie Underwood to keep me company.
J-Law’s interview has some great one-liners. Here’s an excerpt from the interview,
Glasses of wine in hand, we head upstairs, and when we walk into the enormous master suite she makes a sweeping gesture toward the bed and says, “This is where the maaagic haaaappens.” Then she shoots me a get-real look. “Literally zero magic has happened in here.” She holds up her glass in a toast: “Cheers to my hymen growing back!”
She seems down to Earth and sassy. The photos for the shoot have a desert, road-stop, cowgirl feel which I’m loving. You should check it out!

2. Spurgeon Elliot Seawald

No, that’s not something on the menu at Red Lobster, that’s a baby’s name. Specifically, that’s the name of Jessa Duggar, now Seewald’s first child.
I feel like CPS should be called because this is obviously a sign that these people already hate their child.
What the actual fuck are you smoking.
I just imagine the conversation being like, “How about Elliot? Elliot’s get beat up. How about ‘Spurgeon,’ nobody fucks with a ‘Spurgeon!”
Apparently the baby was named after Charles Spurgeon, a pastor both Ben and Jessa admire.
Which is cool, make a tribute to whomever you want (except Hitler), but WHAT’S WRONG WITH CHARLES?
Is it the Manson imagery?

3. Master of None

I binge watched the new Aziz Ansari Netflix series last weekend. It’s funny and insightful. Not – laugh out loud, pee your pants and rewind funny – but funny as in, “life is hilarious, isn’t it?”
I’ve been telling all of my friends to check it out. So, you should too!
Master-of-None-1 (1)


4. Justin Bieber Week on Ellen

 Listen, we all know how I feel like Justin is my step-brother who I might harbor inappropriate feelings for, but I have to say, I get why people think he’s an asshole. An asshole that gives me Saved By the Bell Zack Morris tingles and catchy pop tunes.
This video gave me a good giggle. Maybe it’ll change your mind about the Biebs?

5. Katy Perry Being Katy Perry

Ugh. I love KP.
I have no real excuse for this addition but I just feel like her look is maturing and is less Bubblegum schizophrenic.
I need new Katy music, now!
What are you loving this weekend? Let’s discuss!

Up close & personal : My top 25 songs on iTunes

I’ve always believed my top 25 songs on iTunes could be used by professionals to psychoanalyze my life. With a commute that takes roughly an hour and a half each way, I spend a LOT of time in my car listening to music. I’m convinced my iTunes frequently played playlist tells someone all they need to know about me (the good, the bad, the ugly).

Have you ever met someone, like a really cute guy, and he asks, “What type of music do you listen to?” And for a brief moment you have to decide to tell the truth and say you spend 99% of your time listening to Katy Perry or should you be breezy and name drop Halsey.


I know my tastes in music/movies/TV is a boner killer. But at 28, I just don’t give AF anymore. So, I decided to put it all out there and let y’all get to know the REAL me.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with my musical soul!

25. Good for You – Selena Gomez (feat. A$AP Rocky)

I really have no excuse for this one. It took me by surprise too. See? You’re already judging me.

24. Let Me See Ya Girl – Cole Swindell

23. When the Stars Go Blue – Tyler Hilton & Bethany Joy Lenz

From One Tree Hill! Seriously. This post is already a horrible idea.


22. Spring Breakdown – Luke Bryan

21. Cool for the Summer – Demi Lovato

Just unfriend me right now.

20. Wide Awake – Katy Perry


19. Girl Crush – Little Big Town

18. Too Little, Too Late – Jojo

2005 Y’all! I was a high school senior when this song was released.

17. Little Red Wagon – Miranda Lambert

Sassy Miranda is the only Miranda.


16. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

My favourite pop song of all time

15. Clint Eastwood – Jessie James Decker

14. First – Cold War Kids

See? I’m cool. Ish. I’m cool-ish!

13. Roar – Katy Perry

The Go-To song when you’re feeling like garbage.

12. I Really Like You – Carly Rae Jepsen

I have no idea where this one came from.

11. Leave the Night On – Sam Hunt




10. Sangria – Blake Shelton

A damn sexy song.

9. House Party – Sam Hunt


8. I Look So Good (Without You) – Jessie James Decker

The ultimate song to get over someone who broke your heart. Girls, download it. Put it on repeat.

7. Hot – Avril Lavigne

Not surprising. I’m Canadian.

6. Lights Down Low – Jessie James Decker

So much, Jessie. So little time

5. Smoke Break – Carrie Underwood


4. Hey Y’all – Cole Swindell

3. Wildest Dreams – Taylor Swift

The best song on the entire album. I’ve said it a million times. I heart it.

2. Home Alone Tonight – Luke Bryan (feat.Karen Fairchild)

… and the number one song on my iTunes, out of 800 songs….

Bad Blood – Taylor Swift feat. Kendrick Lamar


(Because I needed to learn Kendrick’s part, and I still don’t have it down pat.)

Now that you know I’m a pop-country teen queen, let me know your top 25!

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I’m tagging some of my friends, but if you feel like taking the challenge and exposing your true musical self, link back to me so I can learn more about you!

Friday Five! Pop culture edition


Seriously. TGIF.

This week has been a doozy, but there are big changes coming my way, so I’m excited, a little stressed and a little panicky, but I’mma keep it together.

Ok, let’s share our favourite things, shall we?

1. Nightcrawler

Last night Matt and I watched Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal.  Have you seen this movie? It’s creepy, but I’ll just say it, Jake’s half-up half down wide eyed obsessive self is still doing it for me. I’d still sign up for life for it. The boy’s gorgeous and talented. Some of my friends had mixed reviews of the movie, but I loved it.

We all know a Lou Bloom. I know one. You probably know one. Someone who’s kind of creepy and out of touch with reality, a little too ambitious and anti-social. Creeptastic.


I highly recommend this movie. Four out of Five Libby’s.

2. Katy Perry & the Grammy’s.

Katy Perry needs a Grammy. Give the girl a Grammy, please. It was just announced Prism has been nominated for Pop Album of the Year against some pretty stiff competition (Ed Sheeran, Ariana Grande, Coldplay, Miley and Sam Smith).

Nobody does pop music like Katy. In my opinion, Teenage Dream was the ultimate pop album, but out of everyone nominated, Katy is the only person who really encapsulates all things pop.


This photo shoot for Cosmo was one of my faves of all time. Slay with that green hair, girl. Slay!


Noticeably absent? Lady Gaga.

Poor Gaga. You’ll get ’em next year. Hopefully. Maybe.

3. Madonna for Versace

I love when brands make poor decisions. That sounds mean, but I just love when anyone makes a bad decision. It brings us all together in a communal pool of regret and humility. But really…

What the heck is going on in this photo?


I get it, Madonna is Madonna and blah blah blah. I’m sorry, but not everything Madonna does is flawless. Like that picture. I sent it to my two best girls and asked them what the actual hell was going on.

One said it was the new promo poster for the Walking Dead.

The other said it was for the new Hobbit film : Smeagol’s Demise.

Does it even matter what Versace does anymore? Really, it’s a very small demographic of people that can afford Versace products aside from the eye glasses we get at the optometrist’s office. Wouldn’t it be better for celebs to front campaigns for stores like H&M, Aldo or ASOS? Lines people can actually afford?

Whatever, Versace. Whatever, Madge.

4. Wendy Williams

I’m one wig away from becoming Wendy Williams. I think she might be my biological mother. My sister always says I was adopted from New Guinea…maybe Wendy spent some time in New Guinea in 1987?

Who knows.

Do you watch Wendy? I like that she throws shade and is honest about celebrities. She dislikes the Kardashians and loves Mariah (ridiculous) but she’s got opinions and she ain’t afraid to share them!


I love it. At work, I spend a lot of time doing data entry, so I like having something to listen to. I listen to Howard Stern interviews and Wendy Williams Hot Topics.

5. Patti Stanger

I’m not highbrow. I just said I love Wendy Williams. I’m one bucket of KFC away from a double wide and a fluorescent pair of crocs.

It’ll come as no surprise that  I love Millionaire Matchmaker. She’s feisty, she loves plastic surgery, and she loves giving unsolicited advice.

Sound like someone you know? Me. Minus the plastic surgery part (three more years, y’all).

Listen to this advice she gives J-Lo. “Don’t lead with the cooch” #priceless .

(it’s long, but fun)