Duggar Family

On Duggar courtship, side hugs, and hand holding

My friend Kathryn recently shared an article written by author and journalist, Dan Savage, about the Duggars entitled, “Should the Duggar Girls #FuckFirst?”

Did that get your attention? It got mine.

Spoiler alert: They have competing views about pre-marital sex and human rights! (shocking)



More pop culture crap I would normally text my friends about

Congratulations! You’re my new best friend.

This means not only are we going to tell each other secrets and eat Malteasers, we’re going to spend hours on end discussing random pop culture and celebrity junk!


This is where half of you stop reading. K, bye. Be like that!

For the rest of you, my kindred spirits, here’s what’s new for us to discuss.

Hilary Duff

Where to begin. Oh, Hilary. No lie, I’ve downloaded Hilary’s new song “All About You” and it’s pretty catchy. Radio worthy? I don’t think so. Part of  me feels like Hilary should quit music and acting all together and maybe come out with a home collection for Target and just be beautiful full time. Because she is. She’s stunning. I just have second hand embarrassment when I see her dancing. Check out her new music video below and tell me what you think.

The Duggars

I f*cking love the Duggar family. I marathon that shit on Mondays and Tuesdays and TLC and do kegels whenever Michelle Duggar comes on screen. Even though our political and religious views are very different, I find their show entertaining. This new wave of Duggar courtships has been my guilty pleasure. Side hugs! Waiting to hold hands until engagement! No kissing until marriage! Chaperons at all times!

It’s a little much in my opinion, but at the end of the day these girls wind up with the sweetest guys who look at them like they’re the best thing since BB cream. Who am I to judge?

I can’t wait to pick up this edition of US weekly and learn more about these dating rules. Do you watch? Do you judge? Do you see if you can memorize all of their names? Do you ever wonder if one of them will high-tail it to Reno and live a life that would make their parents appalled?


Source: US Weekly

Now for your daily swoon….

Jake Gyllenhaal filming his new movie at JFK airport in NYC.

It’s like he’s eye f*cking the paparazzo…which is A-OK in my books. I love Jake because he doesn’t give typical actor sound bites. He’s not douche-y and pretentious the way some people (Jared Leto) are. He’s just the guy you want to go to a farmers market with and then go spend an afternoon at a bookstore. Then he’ll cook you dinner and before you know it you’re making … sweet….sweet… passionate… look you in the eye…. bend you over the counter…..


Source: Lainey Gossip

I’m sorry. What were we talking about?