Blogmas Day 7: Put Your Party Pants On

This weekend was jam-packed with holiday festivities.

Friday night I went to the movies to see Creed, starring Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone. I have to say, it’s the most entertaining movie I’ve seen all year. It’s not life changing, by any means, but the fight scenes were really well done, and I’m sorry, but two hours of looking at Michael B. Jordan? *Fanning my undercarriage* It should be criminal to have a back that cut. Seriously. I could wash clothes like a pilgrim on his muscles.  *Swoon*

This movie will get me through a long, lonely winter. Thanks, Hollywood.


giphy (32)

On Saturday morning, we took my niece Abby to our company Christmas party for a brunch with Santa. My work goes all out for the kiddles, with a petting-zoo, a Frozen sing-a-long, face painting, a candy princess who looked like an Amish extra from the  Katy Perry California Girls music video, and of course, brunch with Santa Claus.

Abby Xmas.jpg

My niece, Abby, looking ready to party with her pup, “Hot Dog”

After the brunch, and a power nap, it was on to the second party of the day. For those of you who don’t know,  I’ve been sober living* since September 26th, when I went to my first Croatian wedding and everything was a pukey-blur thanks to shots of brandy.  Anyways, my new found sobriety was a disappointment to party guests who urged me to sing, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” Had I been drinking, I would have voluntarily climbed on a table and done a vaudeville rendition of the Christmas tune. It’s so hard to disappoint the fans…


With my squad of babies. (L-R) Aurora, Lola & Ava

Sunday! The day of A Very Cat Lady Christmas!

I woke up in a tizzy and made several trips to the grocery store for last minute refreshments and was sweating profusely because I was literally RUNNING across the parking lot and the aisles. Of course, when you’re sweating and gross that’s when you’re going to run into everyone you’ve ever met in your entire life. Next year, I’m not going to host a holiday party, I’m just going to go hang out at the grocery store, looking like a hot mess and I’ll eventually see all my friends, family and high school crushes.

giphy (33).gif

Unfortunately, there were several people who cancelled last minute, but there were still lots of people who were able to attend and everyone went home with some yummy holiday treats.

Today, I’m exhausted. I’ve had about 18 hours of sleep over the past three days…usually weekends are my time to average 18 hours of sleep PER day.

I’m currently on break eating cookies alone in the corner, trying to muster up enough energy to y’know, actually do my job, but I’m failing miserably. I’d like to take today as a mulligan, and start fresh tomorrow.

How was your weekend?

What are your holiday party plans? Let’s wear our holiday weight gain like a badge of honour.


*By sober living I mean, I will nurse two glasses of wine throughout the night, and wake up without a tooth ache, drunk texts, and a hangover that lasts for two to three days. That’s as close to sober as I’m ever going to get. You hear that possible future pregnancies? YOU HEAR THAT?






  1. Ha! I love your meaning of living a sober life. That would be me if I tried to be sober.

    That gif of Michael B. Jordan! OMG! I wanna see the movie Creed. Sure it looks good, but Michael B. Jordan is the number one reason I wanna see it.

    Liked by 1 person

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