Blogmas Day 4: Currently!

Happy Friday, everyone!

I’ve got some blog ideas in development, but my schedule today means I’ve got to boot n’ rally to get everything done before this weekend’s festivities.

I thought I’d do another Currently tag, and let y’all know what I’m up to this month!

This Currently list is  inspired by Katy Upperman a blog I stumbled upon the other day.

Currently Loving

A few weeks ago, I came across a blog and podcast called The Bitch Bible, created by Jackie Schimmel. I like to pretend Schimmel’s my long distance BFF and I’m her gentile Canadian friend that would mail her my extra Ativan and get in a bar fight against Kylie Jenner if their feud ever came to a boil.I laugh out loud listening to her podcast, you should definitely check her out!

Currently Reading

I’ve been trying to muddle through Purity by Jonathan Franzen for almost two months. I’m bound and determined to finish, but it’s so f*cking boring, I want to cry. He’s definitely one of those authors I name drop when I want someone to realize that I don’t mess around with Chick Lit or YA novels, but damn. This guy missed the mark with his latest novel.

giphy (27).gif

Currently Listening

I just downloaded Jessie James Decker’s new Christmas album on Apple Music (which I finally figured out how to use) and I’m obsessed. The CD has some original Christmas songs which I’m really enjoying.

Be sure you check her out!

Currently Watching

Lately, I’ve been going to bed at like, 6:30 pm like a seventy-five year old woman, so my TV time is really limited to while I’m eating dinner or getting ready for work.  I’m always watching Wendy Williams’ YouTube channel, and have been streaming past episodes of Snooki and J-Woww.

giphy (28).gif

The tackier, trashier a TV show is, the better.

Currently Thinking About

Everything I have to do before Sunday’s jewelry party. Tomorrow I’ll be driving all over the place to different Christmas parties, so I have a very small window of opportunity to finish my party shopping. I’m getting excited about having everyone over to mix n’ mingle and shop for some goodies, so my anxiety level hasn’t crossed into “eating her hair in the corner” territory, just yet.

giphy (29).gif

Currently Anticipating

My Cyber Monday packages haven’t arrived yet and I’m losing my shit.


Currently Wishing

Can’t tell you my real wish, because then it won’t come true. So, I’ll just say, “Peace on Earth.”

Currently Making Me Happy

My psychologist/mind Gandalf, Dr. Jones, has been pushing me to do physical activity for some time as a means to help out with my mood, so about three weeks ago, I began running 5km, three times a week. Thrice, weekly as they say. Last night I beat my best personal time by two minutes, and I haven’t had an emotional breakdown yet about Christmas. I say YET because it’s only December 4th and it’s really just a matter of time.

This shock therapy to my ass and my Christmas Spirit seems to be working (plus anti-depressants and kitten videos, can’t count those out).

What are you currently loving?

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