Blogmas Day 3: I’m decking the f*cking halls

A few weeks ago, I decided to host a Stella & Dot jewelry party which I’m really excited about because I love their pieces, lust like crazy over pretty shiny things, and adore my stylist, Jennifer.

Since I’m trying to embrace the holiday spirit, I decided to make the party, “A Very Cat Lady Christmas,” sending out the following invite to my nearest and dearest…


Perf, right?

giphy (24).gif

Who doesn’t love shopping for pretty things while overdosing on sugar? The best part is since it’s at my house, you don’t need to hide your hip flask that you’ve been bringing with you to the mall to calm your nerves in the middle of the holiday crowds.

Since I’m a prime example of Peter Pan Syndrome, I still live at home with my Mom, so I had to run the idea of the party by her before I could  make concrete plans. Thankfully she agreed with the caveat that I had to buy everything I’d need for the party and do all of the holiday decorating myself.


giphy (26)

I’ve literally spent the last four and a half hours decorating one room in the house. ONE. I had to dig the tree and shit out from under the stairs, drag the shit up the stairs, sort through the shit, rearrange the living room, put up the tree… ugh. I’m exhausted.  I know there are people who love decorating and find it soothing. You put on some Bing Crosby, drink some hot coco, take out your ornaments and think fondly of the memories each one holds… but I can’t do that. I get overwhelmed by the mess.  Then I think about how in 4 weeks I’m going to have to make another mess putting everything away until next year.


My Mom, my supportive Mom, just walked in the room and said, “That’s it?”

Four hours.

That’s it.

giphy (25).gif

The party is in three days, and I’ve got so much to do.

I’m planning on being completely wasted with my head under the Christmas tree, covered in cookie crumbs during the party.

Is your tree up?

Do you enjoy decorating the house for the holidays?







  1. Have we discussed already how it sucks that we don’t live closer to each other so we can be bffs? No? Ok, let’s do that. I wish we lived closer so we could be bffs and so that I could come to your party #invitingmyself.

    I try to help decorate but I usually play the “let’s fuck this up enough so that mom takes over” game. I’ve won every year for 28 years. We’re getting our tree on Sunday. My job is done after I deem the tree straight and centered in the window. I’ll watch the rest from the couch.

    And, if you have any of the 6ft, stable, trust fund kids left, send them South!

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    1. Whyyyyy! Whyyyy don’t we live closer!!!!!

      Omg my Mom said she’s going to redo everything I did today. I was so upset. I had to eat my weight in chocolate just to cope.
      Holidays schmolidays. Decorating is a mom job.

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  2. I’m having a Christmas Party with my friends this Saturday. It’s going to be at my sister’s house cause I also suffer from Peter Pan Syndrome. We are buying red paper plates and a green table clothe and calling it a day. There’s going to be a shit load of food and wine so I’m hoping no one will care about the lack of decorations. Decorating is fun in theory. The end result is great cause it looks so pretty but the before and after is tedious and annoying.

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    1. I was literally nodding as I read this.
      The CLEAN-UP is the worst.
      And who has the money to buy decorations that you just use once a year? Seriously, I think teachers have it best because their students buy them free holiday shit. I don’t have the money to buy a Santa Figurine. If i had that money, I’d be moving out of my mom’s house.


      1. I need to be like my Grandmother. She would save EVERYTHING. She had at least three boxes filled with Christmas decorations. I’d feel a little better about spending the money on a wreath if I knew I was going to be using it the next 30 years.

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