Blogmas Day 2: The Saviour is Born

It’s Britney Jean Spears Day!

If you own an Advent Calendar, just eat the entire 24 days left in one sitting because today is REALLY the day that we were blessed with a deity.

Today our Lord and Saviour turns 34, and will no doubt be celebrating in style without a bra, velour track pants and some kind of cheese bi-product snack. I hope Starbucks treats the Queen to something frappy and free!

giphy (21).gif

For the past 8 years, my adoptive sister and I have been celebrating the ups and downs of Brit-Brit’s life. Like most girls who were born in the mid to late 80’s, no one even comes CLOSE to the level of superstardom as Britney J. Spears (formerly Federline).


Beyoncé is close, but I dare say she’s not as likable as Brit.

Britney’s like your best friend from elementary school who kind of went crazy for a little bit after college but got her shit together and has that little glimmer of her former self in her eye. The dark side of Britney, and the fact that we still DON’T really know what happened or what that time of her life was like is what makes her so intriguing.

giphy (23).gif

She essentially rose from the dead and is back to forgive you for abandoning her during her time of need.

Sound familiar?

By now Brit’s hair as grown back, she’s got her post baby bod on lock since the kids are practically preteens now; all that’s left to do is get her love life in order.

Brit needs a good man. One that’s not using her for fame, and doesn’t mind the days she goes make-up free to Target.

I have faith that this will happen, because I believe in Britney.


giphy (22)




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