Girls with high mileage

“All guys want a virgin. If you can get a girl that’s untouched, you marry her.” I was sitting with my guy friends sipping a mediocre cup of tea, listening to Marcus explain the Holy Grail of the fairer sex. “You want to be the only guy your girl has ever been with.”

I smiled. “That’s absolute bullshit.”

“Not at all, that’s the truth.” Marcus replied with confidence. “Nobody wants a girl with high mileage.”

giphy (16).gif

I mentally ran through the list of “Must Haves” Marcus and Roman had imparted to me. According to them, the ideal woman had to cook, clean, want children, produce children, stay in some sort of physical shape after birthing the aforementioned children, but now she had to have a fully intact hymen, too?

You would think by now my blood would be boiling, but after nearly a year of exposure to conversations like this, I’ve become incredibly immune to their stupidity.  I almost take pleasure in it. Like I said, it’s like watching apes in their natural habitat.

“Riddle me this,” I asked the table. “When you’re out and about hooking up with girls, are you thinking, ‘I’ve got to keep my mileage low for my future wife?'”

I was met with a tither of laughter from Marcus. “It’s a double standard, I know, but it’s true. I’m just being honest.”

“I wouldn’t want my future wife to have had sex with like, 20 people, or have been in several long term relationships.” Roman, the devout Catholic of the group added to no one in particular.

giphy (14).gif

Is 20 a lot of people?

In our group, I’m the youngest at 28. Everyone else is in their mid 30’s, and aside from Ken, still single. If the average person has been sexually active from the age of …say…17, and hadn’t been in any serious or long-term relationships, was it unreasonable to believe that by the age of 30, said person was having sex with at least 2 people per year?*


Marcus decided to turn the tables on the conversation, “Would you ever have sex with a guy who told you he was a virgin? No, you probably wouldn’t. The double standard is real.”

Always needing a backstory, I pushed for more details. “Maybe, I said. Why is he a virgin? Is he waiting until marriage? Is this for religious reasons? Because if it is, that’s a hands-down no.”

“Why not?” asked Roman, the Pope’s representative in Canada.

“Because that would mean we have different beliefs and values. Why would I waste someone’s time if they were upfront with how they live their life? ”

giphy (17).gif

Unsatisfied (just like my imaginary religious suitor), the guys shook their heads at my unwillingness to prove their point. 

This was obviously a prime example of patriarchal thinking. Using the word ‘mileage’ to compare women to cars, something that can be acquired as a possession.

What confused me even more, was the idea that these guys were actively engaging with women who weren’t “wife material” but still expected their untouched, virginal spouse to be existing somewhere in the universe going about her day sewing buttons on clothing. Were they not just “ruining” these women for their future husbands?

Were they aware that they were talking to a woman who can’t cook, is on the fence about procreation and who most likely broke her hymen in a bike riding accident when she was a kid?

Listen folks, what I do, who I do, or who I don’t do is none of your GD business. I’m not judging anyone. Do you. Do him. Do the whole football team, I really don’t care.  You should never feel bad about your sexuality and sexual history or lack thereof.

What do you think we can do to help rid the world of this kind of sexist, antiquated thinking?  Is it too late for these guys?  Do all men think this way?

Tell me what you think!





* Note: I have not had 20 partners but fingers crossed!



  1. Very interesting anecdote. I remember discussing the exact same thing in my gender and sexuality course in college, and I can say that it is without doubt a double standard that a women in society today needs to remain a virgin, yet also sexy, in order to get a man. True, there’s a thing call “man-sluts,” but it’s seen as comical, even encouraged. Still a patriarchal society out there, and really, once people (especially men) are educated about the nuances in gender and sexual equally, well, nothing will change. Thank you for bringing this to light.

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    1. I KNEW I took the wrong courses in University.
      I’m convinced my co-workers backgrounds play a significant part in their antiquated views of women, but I REALLY think it has a lot to do with education as well.
      It should be mandatory for students to take a women’s studies course in high school.

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  2. Wow, this conversation literally made me angry. They say they want a girl who is a virgin. Then I bet if they met this “pure, virginal” girl, they’d get angry that she didn’t put out. Sorry but these dudes you work with sound like complete idiots.

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  3. This article dances around the FACT that vaginas are like cars in that they wear out from heavy use. Men want what they want. Women want what they want. However, women’s expectations are astronomically higher than men’s, yet women act stunned when all we ask is that you can make spaghetti, operate a vacuum, and stay in shape (this includes your vagina). Yes, your vagina can have high mileage and get worn out. Nobody pretends that having 5 kids is good for your vagina, so what’s the point of pretending that sleeping with 69 different men is any different? It’s all an act by women who used their pussy to get through life and now they are $ pussy broke (broken). It’s just more penis envy and the refusal to do the simple things men ask of you. Pure selfishness. Women always want to have it both ways. They want to be a filthy whore and a virgin. They want to be powerful and have people feel sorry for them. Too bad. You’re a grown up. Now act like it or end up in the used car lot with all the other lonely cat ladies. No amount of whining about your blown out vagina is ever gonna change men’s minds about this. In fact, you’re only making the problem worse by whining about it. But you’re too much of a female to ever put down the whining card and grow the fuck up to realize this. Good luck, Miss Hallway


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