Vogue provides employable alternatives to the Sexiest Man Alive

Last week, People magazine set your lady carriage on fire by naming David Beckham the Sexiest Man Alive.

Not to be outdone, Vogue, published an article listing 10 Unconventional Alternatives to the Sexiest Man Alive.

Okay. I’m not even going to pretend I read Vogue. Vogue is like the friend who chain-smokes, drinks endless amounts of coffee, is a size 0, and doesn’t wear a drop of makeup. I’m like the cookies for breakfast, pageant hair, US Weekly reading girl. Sure, I dabble with Vogue on occasion the way some 20 somethings dabble with MDMA; I’m not buying my own, but if it’s around, sure. I’ll give it a whirl.

(For the record I’m too scared to try ANY drug because I once saw a Sally Jesse Raphael episode about a girl who died after taking ecstasy once,and that was enough to all but send me to a nunnery).


Intimidatingly Beautiful- the magazine, Gisele’s cool, too. Source 

I was doing my morning scroll of the headlines, in case any of my coworkers tried to engage me in a conversation about global news, when I saw the following article, Justin Trudeau Named On Vogue’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ List . I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m A-OK with male objectification, so I was like a proud mom when I saw that Prime Minister Trudeau was name dropped for his obvious Disney Prince level of good looks.

I don’t care if you’re talking about how hot our PM is, I’m just glad you know WHO he is, and that Canada doesn’t have a President, a King, or is ruled by the Queen of England.

Here’s the thing with Vogue’s list:  Everyone on it was still ridiculously attractive, but not in a “Don’t I recognize you from the gym?” way. Vogue’s list was men with charisma and a real-life, attainable, bumped into you while in line for coffee,  level of sex appeal.

These men are employable. Which ladies, as we know, becomes the number 1 quality in a man once you turn twenty-five.

Aside from Trudeau, the list includes Tom Hiddleston (be still my heart), Benedict Cumberbatch, Oscar Isaacs and Aziz Ansari.

These are the guys you want to discuss books with, drink tea with while reading the paper together on a rainy Sunday after you mauled him like a tiger Saturday night after one too many glasses of Merlot.

Is this list unconventional?


Is this a list for the woman who wants someone who can carry a conversation and wear the shit out of a suit?


Well done, Vogue.

Well done,  indeed.






  1. Wow, really?! I’m surprised thay Vogue chose Canada’s PM as part of the “Sexiest Man Alive” feature! I admit, Trudeau isn’t bad-looking, but to have a politician in an otherwise gossip/fashion magazine, well, that’s unheard of (although I’m sure that it has happened before…).

    Aziz Ansari, nice! I think he’s cute, but not necessarily sexy. Any case, love his humor and he seems like a sweet guy. Makes him all the more attractive!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “These are the guys you want to discuss books with, drink tea with while reading the paper together on a rainy Sunday after you mauled him like a tiger Saturday night after one too many glasses of Merlot.”

    I have such a crush on Tom Hiddleston. Like at 29-years-old I shouldn’t have this big a crush on a celebrity. But I cannot help it. He’s so good-looking and charming, and THAT VOICE! That scenario you just described is my dream!


      1. You need to listen to him reading “May I feel said he” buy E.E. Cummings if you haven’t already. It’s a little embarrassing what just hearing someone read words can do to me.


  3. I keep thinking Justin Trudeau is Jennifer Aniston’s husband. Jesus. Ugly American aside, the People magazine list are definitely for Saturday nights and the men on the Vogue list are Sunday mornings.

    Tom Hiddleston, I’d take him with my cup of coffee.

    Liked by 1 person

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