Hello! Adele’s back, and she’s breaking your heart (again)

It’s been a few years since her last album. I’ve had time to heal from “Someone Like You.” I can now successfully listen to that heart wrenching song and not be sent into rib crushing sobs.

Now, just in time for your latest break-up, she’s back and better than ever.

Whenever I see the winged eye-liner, the cheek contouring, the voluminous hair… It makes me nervous. I get all weird like an animal before a storm, because I’m 100% positive I’m not emotionally stable enough to handle an Adele ballad.

Take a listen to her new single and then let’s talk.

Did you cry? Did you want to cry,  but you’re at work and not successful enough to have an office with four walls? Yeah. Me either. You gotta keep your shit together when you sit in a cubicle.

That girl is #blessed with a beautiful voice.

What do you think?



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