A Very Taylor Throwback: Counting down the best of Taylor Swift!

Taylor Swift is bringing the 1989 World Tour to Toronto, tomorrow!
I can’t maintain my chill. I’m ridiculously excited to dance the night away listening to some of my favourite Taylor tunes.
This week I had a legit nightmare that someone tried to make me choose between Taylor and Katy Perry. I woke up panicking. That’s the ultimate Sophie’s Choice.
To those who say I have to pick sides, I say: I’m a grown ass woman, I do what I want and right now, I want to listen to some Tay Swift and for a few hours shake off the worries of the world.
Well, my world. Sorry, Syria.
I’ll be heading to the concert with Rebecca; the Taylor to my Abigail. We’ve been bff level friends for almost 10 years. In 2011, Rebecca and I headed into the city, stayed at a hotel which was probably the inspiration for the latest season of American Horror Story and saw TayTay during the Speak Now tour.
We wrote 13’s on our hands, threw up our heart signs to our girl and sang until our voices gave out.
I am SO excited to be spending another Taylor concert with Rebecca. It’s the ultimate girls night out.
I know y’all love Taylor, so I thought this week I would do a throwback/Friday Five blend and list my favourite Taylor Swift songs of all time.
We’re crossing genres. We’re going back to sparkly dresses and wild crazy curls.
Let’s dive in, shall we?

5. Enchanted

 I am a sap and a half. When I was younger, I was a total love at first sight type of girl. I would meet someone, and spend the next day completely in a trance, unable to get him out of my head.  This song from Speak Now (which is the greatest album of all time, thank you very much) captures that feeling. Every time I listen to this song I remember the magical feeling of clicking with someone instantly.

4. White Horse

I loved Fearless for so many reasons, but mostly for this song, It was the first real glimpse at an acoustic, stripped down, Taylor Swift. Although Swift doesn’t have a voice like Beyoncé, her singing tugs at my heart strings. It’s such a simple song, but so moving!
Plus, remember hearing this song on Greys Anatomy?
Immediate tears.
It was an emotional kick to the nuts.

3. Should’ve Said No

I don’t think I need to explain why this song made the list. It’s classic Taylor. This performance? Yeah. It was everything.

2.  Wildest Dreams

 My favourite from 1989 is taking the number two spot!
I adore this song, mostly because it was so different from anything Taylor’s ever done. It was pop but with a Lana Del Ray feel. And there’s nothing I love more than listening to Lana and crying internally about my love life.
and the number one Taylor Swift song of all time is………
(in my opinion, relax)

All Too Well

The Jake Years.
That beautiful son of a bitch broke all of our hearts with when we heard this song from the album, Red.
Again, in my personal opinion, singer-songwriter Taylor is my favourite Taylor. Simple and not over produced, this song personifies what I love about Taylor – she’s unapologetically honest in her songs, hopeful and never bitter. Well, ok, SOMETIMES she’s bitter (Bad Blood?). But it’s ok.
Oh, I feel them all with this song.
I’m probably STILL going to have sex with Jake Gyllenhaal if ever presented with the chance, but I would definitely throw in a slap across the face or a bite for Taylor.
Tell me your favourite Taylor Swift songs!
Let’s chat.


  1. I LOVE Taylor Swift and I have absolutely no shame about it. I am so sad that I did not get to see her 1989 concert when she was here in New York. SO jealous that you get to go! I don’t even think I’d be able to narrow it down to just five favorite songs. I can’t even pinpoint which is my all time favorite Taylor Swift song.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just saw this now! “In 2011, Rebecca and I headed into the city, stayed at a hotel which was probably the inspiration for the latest season of American Horror Story” hahahahahah.

    Nothing will ever top that Should’ve Said No performance!

    Liked by 1 person

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