Surprise! I’m a Mommy

Actually I’m a Godmother. It’s basically the same thing. Except I get to sleep at night and get to swoop in for unlimited cuddles whenever I feel like it  (which is all the time).
A few months ago, my best friend/sister/soul-mate Marie and her husband, Nathan, asked me to be the godmother to their daughter, Evie. I was overcome with emotion and went into the ugliest cry of happy tears.
Last Sunday we celebrated Evie’s baptism and our bond was made official!  I love my nieces tremendously and becoming an aunt (3 times!) changed my life in the best way possible. Being asked to be someone’s godmother takes everything to the next level.
Evie Baptism
    I THINK this means, that if something were to happen to Marie and Nathan, I would (obviously) become legal guardians of their daughters. Thus, setting myself up for the plot of the best romantic comedy of all time. I’m already living the first half of a romantic comedy: Single career woman resigns herself to life alone with bottles of wine and cats, when all of a sudden she becomes a single “mom” of two.

Evie Baptism.1

Check out more photos of the baptism at Marie and Nathan’s blog, LolaEvieLove!

OH the laughs we’ll have!
And there will be these really  touching moments where I’ll say something like, “All this time I thought I was raising them. Turns out, they were raising ME.”
Then someone like, Channing Tatum, will be a school teacher whose like, really good with kids and rides a motorcycle but wears cardigans and he’ll be all, “I admire you for adapting to motherhood so well.” and then four minutes later (movie time) we’ll be in love and a “new family.”
What was I saying?
I’ve felt so overwhelmed this week with love, so grateful to my friends for this honour and so excited to have that connection to Evie. I hope she’ll know how loved and special she is for the rest of her life!


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