Get out of here, Miss America! (But leave the crown)

Last night was the Miss America pageant.

Of course, I didn’t watch. I’m too feminist high brow for that (obviously). BUT, Cosmopolitan, the sex Bible magazine, live tweeted the entire broadcast.


First of all, I think the fact that Miss America and pageants still exist is a mixed message to women and men everywhere. This past week, the internet was up in arms over a comedian’s shitty video about fat-shaming but then two seconds later 50 stick thin body flow classmates are parading around a stage in dental floss using Vaseline to treat their twat rash and keep their smiles nice and wide (just please wash your hands in between applications).

How are we supposed to believe that we’re really becoming a culture that’s accepting of body shapes and sizes when we’re applauding someone for lifting her leg over her head wearing flesh coloured leotards all in the name of the great state of Arkansas?


miss congeniality

I don’t care if you have a 4.0 GPA from MIT or that you’re both a lawyer and a doctor working on joining NASA to be a lawyer and doctor for a newly discovered life in space. To me, the fact that someone would willingly participate in a pageant of any kind means you and I are not on the same wavelength. Feeding into the glitz/glamour and hairspray of pageantry all in the name of scholarships, “doing good” or inspiring a new generation of young girls is to me so ass-backwards it’s borderline offensive.


Did the Beyoncé video Pretty Hurts teach us nothing?

What good is being an educated, articulate, multifaceted woman if we’re boiling everything down to beauty?

Get out of here, Miss America.


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