My Best Friend’s Wedding

Kit and Jeff are married!




Three things that usually send me into hives brought endless joy to my circle of friends on Saturday, September 5th when one of my best friends in the entire world tied the knot in an intimate, DIY, Pinterest-worthy wedding.


The wedding was perfect but holy Hannah, it was hot. Like, a preview to my afterlife in Hell, hot (lounge chair for one by the pool, please, Satan!). It was 35C not including the humidity. For the Americans in the room that’s about 95F, with air so thick you could cut it like butter (yum, butter).

Every guest in attendance was in tears as they exchanged their vows under a beautiful tree in their backyard. Jeff was adorably emotional as he told Kit he knew she was the one, “when she used his favourite expletive on their first date at Montanas.”  She dropped the big see you next Tuesday on a first date. That’s my girl!


We feasted on delicious food and drank ourselves silly (I blame the heat), not before guests played board games well into the night. Headbands after a few glasses of wine is my new favourite thing in the world. A late night Taco truck gave guests some much needed nosh to soak up the alcohol and send us to bed with full tummies.

I enjoyed every minute of Jeff and Kit’s big day. Even though I was stood up by my date (Damn you, Ben Affleck*) my mom was the perfect stand in.

Here are some pictures from the wedding!


GuestBook1 GuestBook2 Menu


We look nothing alike, but she swears she birthed me. Mama.


Me and my cousin, Laura!

KitandJeff KitandJeff2* Lately for weddings I’ve been RSVP-ing with my plus one as a celebrity name because I have absolutely NO IDEA who I’m going to bring, so I just think it’s so funny to have my name next to Ben Affleck or Chris Pratt. Kit actually made a place setting for Ben Affleck, who was a no-show, but it made my day. Note that she spelled Affleck wrong. Still love her.

BenAffleck 1



  1. Love her dress! Love the Polaroid idea! Love the framed “I love the shit out of you” quote!( I’m getting ideas for the shower I’ve been put in charge of planning. Bet she’ll regret that decision!) It’s like I married this post, I’m so full of love. And exclamation points.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. planning showers/weddings/bachelorette parties is the absolute best…until someone says they don’t agree with your ideas. then it becomes an ultimate friendship test an you want to punch someone’s mom in the face.
      when’s the wedding?!


      1. July 1, 2016. There’s talk of me actually marrying them. Thank God the groom is a fireman because there might be some holy hellfire when I step up to the podium. The bride is pretty laid back but I have a feeling a stress storm is brewing.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I already asked for a list of the single ones. It turns out that my 5th grade crush is stationed at the same firehouse as the groom. He’s got a long term girlfriend but that doesn’t mean I can’t look, right? Ugh. Desperate much?

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Not desperate ENOUGH
        I would already have found her on instagram, follow her every move, find out she’s allergic to peanuts and just tell the bride peanut butter cupcakes are a must at her wedding.
        #desperatetimes #loveisabattlefield

        Liked by 1 person

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