New Music Swap – Carrie Underwood

I have a big post to put up about how I hosted a Bachelorette this past weekend, but I just came across new music from Carrie Underwood and had to share.

My suburban self has a country heart, and Smoke Break by Carrie Underwood has been on repeat ALL DAY.

Hair as gold as the sun!

Teeth as …bright as the sun!

Voice like an angel!

That’s Carrie Underwood in a nutshell.


Her new single, from the upcoming album Storyteller, has the right mix of country with folk and rock elements. Fans of the country crooner know she loves Rock music and often covers classics from Aerosmith and Motley Crue, so I’m thrilled there’s that element in Smoke Break that will hopefully carry into the rest of the album.

I hope she does an acoustic version of this song. I would love to hear it stripped down. Look at me talking like I know what I’m talking about. Whatever, I’mma say it anyways. I want to hear it stripped down!

Take a listen on Carrie’s Spotify page.

What have you been listening to lately?



  1. While I’m not a huge country fan, I do appreciate some Carrie Underwood from time to time. I prefer her older works (e.g. “Some Hearts” era), but she’s still a lovely singer.

    If you like country music, have you tried Keith Urban? He’s another musician who isn’t bad, either.

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