The Duggar Double Standard: Why I’m finished with all 19 Kids

It was recently reported that Josh Duggar, the eldest son of TLC’s cancelled show 19 Kids and Counting, was among the millions of users on the website, Ashley Madison.

This comes months after it was revealed that several years ago, Josh molested multiple underage girls including his own sisters.

Let’s review.

The Duggar’s can cover-up their son molesting their own children, but don’t want YOU to have reproductive rights.

Josh Duggar can participate on an infidelity website like Ashley Madison, but it’s gay people who are ruining the sanctity of marriage.

The Duggar women can forgive their own brother for molesting them, but they absolutely can’t show compassion to the LGBTQ community, or women who choose to have abortions.


Ok. Here’s me trying to walk the high road and not just on the top of the ditch.

The Duggars are devout Christians of the quiverfull movement. We’ve seen the jean skirts and the chaperones and the homeschooling. By now anyone whose seen an episode gets what the family is about.

The Duggars and I actually have a lot in common: We believe in family, compassion and forgiveness. Where we differ is that I believe in the right to religious freedom, but I do not support the infiltration of religious views into government and the secular world.

Would the Josh Duggar/Ashley Madison scandal be as big of a deal had it not been directly against everything the family was preaching? No. Probably not. People make mistakes. People cheat. Some would argue it against human nature to be monogamous.

Here’s what I never understand about people who live in the public life grandstanding, preaching and condemning others: If you’re going to make this your life’s work, you better be sure as shit you don’t have any skeletons in the closet.

Which leads me to the inevitable point that everyone, every single person, has things they aren’t proud of and secrets they’re keeping.

Lesson here?


I was a fan of the Duggars and their show on TLC. I was genuinely saddened when the show was cancelled and even hopeful that there would be some kind of spin-off for the rest of the family.

Now, I won’t support or follow any Duggar activities. I won’t even buy whatever statement they release. They’ll say they’ve prayed about it and asked God for forgiveness.Which is totally cool. Ask God for forgiveness, but remember God isn’t magic . Sooner or later you’ve got to be accountable and conscious of your actions and admit that you’re an for asshole for making other people feel about themselves when the whole time you were breaking your own moral code.

We should just leave them alone. Stop caring. Maybe then they’ll stop caring about the rights, actions and beliefs of other people and focus on themselves and their own problems.

Rant over.



  1. Good thoughts. I’ve been following the Duggar family since Josh’s molestation charges earlier this summer. I still can’t fathom the fuckery that this family is: devoutly Christian, but against so many things that they themselves do as well. They are the epitomy of hypocrisy, and I do believe that we should stop giving them the attention that they’re getting, so that they can back the fuck off with their crazy beliefs. I just have really negative feelings towards this family, as well as similar ones out there.

    *mini rant over


  2. I’ve always said there was something not right about Jim Bob and Co. Hopefully one of the 19 will break free. I’m patiently waiting for the tell-all.
    The thing about them asking for God’s forgiveness – I’m going to assume that He forgives but He doesn’t forget. Basically, Josh (and whoever let all of this continue to happen. I’m looking at you, JimBob and TLC) will get his (theirs) eventually.


  3. I just love their family (with the exception of Josh and actually, the dad, who is a total creeper). I would never support this either, I disagree completely with who he is as a human. I cannot believe Anna is going to stand by him, it just seems so messed up. But then again, it’s not my life, so I can’t really say I understand. Either way, the whole situation sucks!

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    1. I still love the show. Make your own soap. Side hugs. Pile into the bus.
      I just think now it’s gone a bit too far. This whole Ashley Madison thing is so bizarre. The whole situation definitely sucks. I just feel so bad for their kids. I hope they’re being shielded from the negativity!

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      1. I completely agree, I wish that the older daughters would have a spin-off. I really just watch it for them anyway. Have you ever watched “Bringing up Bates” ?! I love that one more, its the family that are like the Duggars, they’re friends. They also have 19 kids, but seem more normal. Most of the older children went to college or are going to college (still a religious one), but just seem to have a better grip on reality.

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