Kill the Lights with Luke Bryan (Don’t mind if I do!)

I’m a huge Luke Bryan fan. Like, official fan club member, entire discography on iTunes, will pay ridiculous amounts of money to see him in concert, denim and plaid forever, die hard fan.

Yesterday I (legally) purchased Luke Bryan’s fifth album, Kill the Lights, and spent all two hours of my commute home from work desperately trying to learn the lyrics to his latest release.


Despite many touting him as the leader of the bro-country trend, I maintain Luke Bryan is the biggest name in country music because he continues to release music that makes people FEEL good, and Kill the Lights doesn’t disappoint. You can sing-along, drink-along and pretend you’re not from a town nicknamed Steel City and can actually relate to life in the Southern United States.


Fans will love that Luke still talks about cowboy boots, friendship and the beautiful girls that will break your heart, but Kill the Lights presents a more nostalgic, mature, Luke Bryan; a grown-ass man with responsibilities who can still unwind with some shots and please his woman.

Case in point:

Strip It Down, a song that’s as close to 50 Shades as I’ll ever get with lyrics like, Dirty dance me slow in the summertime heat/feel my belt turn loose from these old blue jeans.

Um, yes please.


Tracks you must listen to:

Just Over, Razor Blade, Move  and  Home Alone Tonight,  my personal favourite that is destined to be the biggest hit from the album. The song is about two lonely people meeting at a bar, drinking their troubles away and sending a revenge selfie to their ex with the message, “We ain’t going home alone tonight.”

I’m excited to hear and see this album performed live. Luke’s shows are a party from start to finish. I encourage you to check out the rest of the album!

Like, right now.

Seriously, go!



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