Friday Five: Jennifer Aniston gets hitched and more!

Happy Friday!

Thanks to a civic holiday, this week has flown by. I’m looking forward to laying out in the sun and hopefully evening out this ridiculous sunburn. My face is peeling, making me look like a meth addict, but it’s worth it for that “sun-kissed glow” right?

Here’s what I’ve been talkin’ bout this week!

Jennifer Aniston finally ties the knot!

Ok. I may be against popular opinion here, but I find Jen to be sweet, but a little boring. Just a smidge. She would be the perfect person to hang with if I ever wanted to say, shop for bikinis, chain smoke and do yoga. That being said, I’m ridiculously happy that Jennifer finally wed super-babe Justin Theroux! You know what this means? NOW WE GET TO LOOK FORWARD TO TABLOIDS SAYING THEY’RE DIVORCING BECAUSE SHES PREGNANT WITH TRIPLETS!

It’s the nature of the beast.

I’m hoping there are pictures from the wedding. Give me something. Donate the money to charity. I don’t care – just GIVE me some exclusive shots. I’m picturing Jen in a very form fitted, sexy, gown. No veil. Maybe not even in white.

How much do you want to bet she wore her hair down?

Gwen and Gavin Call it Quits

DEVESTATED. Ok. Not really. I think I’m just numb to celebrity break-ups these days. After Blake and Miranda, nothing can shock me. Nothing. Gwen and Gavin were the 90s power couple. The functioning answer to Kurt and Courtney. Sure, both of their careers have kind of teetered off, but still. They were an iconic pairing for their time. IT’S THE END OF AN ERA!

Ben Affleck and the Nanny

Really, Ben? Really?

First you cheat on JLO with a stripper, now you have an affair with the Nanny? Do you just love clichés or something? What’s next, are you going to cheat with your secretary?

Maybe it’s not really Ben’s fault. I mean, have you seen the Nanny? We’re all thinking it, but I’ll say it. If I had to hire a nanny for my children, it would be someone who is over the age of 55, dry as the Sahara down there, probably someone who speaks English as a second language, and most importantly I WOULD NEVER HIRE A NANNY.

Geez. What is this Downton Abbey? Am I that busy that I can’t take care of my own progeny? Was my mom busy? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN.


Shout out to all you nannies out there though, I hope you insert yourself into a Hollywood scandal and get the compensation you deserve.

Nicole Kidman ages better than you

I’ve always loved Nicole Kidman. Always. Ever since Far and Away. She’s charming – there’s a certain quiet humour about her. When her face isn’t injected with fillers and botox (or once it settles) she’s still a stunner!

Look at this cover from Australia Vogue – #BeautyGoals

Whine About It

If you haven’t seen Matt Bellassai from Buzzfeed’s weekly video where he drunkenly complains about things, you’re missing out! The idea is so simple, but so amazing. Comedy gold!

What are you loving/talking about/hating/complaining about this week?

Let me know!

Enjoy your weekend!



  1. Oh my gosh the nanny thing!!!!!!!! I told my hubby last night that I’m sorry, but IF we could ever afford a nanny she is going to be a 60something grandma that is just slightly overweight, but healthy enough to run after our kids. Hahaha. No way do you hire a hottie! I mean, Jennifer is hot and all, but girl had three kids, so no way she looks as hot as that nanny!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I honestly thought Jen and Justin were married already. What are the odds People magazine will do a tasteful, classic black and white cover featuring the blessed event? Or is that only reserved for Brad Pitt?
    I think what shocked me more then Ben cheating with the nanny is the nanny in general. Jen seemed like such a hands on mother I figured that idea would get vetoed. Then again, you never really saw him out with the kids so maybe the nanny was for him…? #somethingsfishy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope there are photos. Just please, sell your photos like a real celeb and then give the money to charity. or keep it, I don’t even care.
      I think unfortunately, with Ben he’s got that impulsive personality. the gambling, the drinking. the cheating. I STILL LOVE HIM! #issues

      Liked by 1 person

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