The Bachelorette – Finally, Finale

Finally, this season is over.

Mama mia. I thought it would never end. I’m a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise but I was getting a little tired/uncomfortable/fed up with the slut shaming, name calling, and d*ck measuring contest of this season!

Last night, Kaitlyn Bristowe said “YES” to Shawn Booth, a 28 year old personal trainer from Nashville. Only in Hollywood would that seem like a catch (no offense to all the personal trainers out there, I just have absolutely no use for you). Now Kaitlyn, a dance instructor (is that a job?) and Shawn can start their lives together in his and hers Under Armor.

Seriously. My first thought when I saw that Shawn (who is very good looking) was a personal trainer was, “Does he get benefits? What about dental?”

If he’s smart, he’ll start his own fitness Instagram account and parlay this overnight fame into some $$$.

I’m always interested in post-Bachelor/Bachelorette life; probably because it shows the worst of humanity. People get a taste of fame, then all of a sudden quit their jobs, or whatever they passed as a job for the show (re: dog walker, free spirit), and begin to feed into the Instagram machine with sponsored posts and guest appearances at night clubs.

Methinks Kaitlyn’s been through the ringer. She deserves a little R & R, paid for by ABC, on a remote island with her beloved fitness professional.

Whether Kaitlyn and Shawn stand the test of time is anyone’s guess. In Bachelor Nation anything longer than 6 months is considered a success. I’m just glad we can stop talking about this batch of contestants and start fresh…with a whole new season of Bachelor in Paradise premiering August 2nd.


Desperation, sand and alcohol! Get your cameras rolling!

If I seem a little snarky today, I apologize. I’m still not feeling like myself and would much rather be wearing elastic waist pants in bed burrowed under a duvet fort, listening to Michael Bolton songs than showered, dressed and part of the real world.

I hope I feel like myself soon, but until then… I’ll eat my feelings and harass my friends with text messages and phone calls to combat my loneliness.




  1. Haha, no need to apologize for being snarky! I always appreciate your snark when it comes to discussing pop culture. 🙂 Personally, I see “The Bachelor/Bachelorette” as superficial and all- but I can understand why they can be addicting! As for this couple, I see no way how they’re going to survive for even three months, let alone six. Just from their job descriptions, it doesn’t seem like their relationship will be serious at all. But then again, are we suppose to take them seriously? I guess not!

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    1. It’s definitely superficial! I enjoy the escape aspect of this type of television. It’s more a social thing too, because I get to meet up with my girlfriends weekly, have some snacks and talk shit about the show.
      These things just seem so unrealistic! Once the cameras stop rolling…and you have to go back to real life…now what?

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      1. True that! I always wonder what the contestants on the show do apart from, well, the show itself. I mean, really, no one can always look that good in makeup and dresses 24/7, unless that’s your entire wardrobe! 😛


  2. Im also obsessed with the bachelor ‘after the show’. As I’m in NZ we always get the shows late to air (like sometimes up to two years late!), but what it means is that AS SOON as I watch the finale I can do some glorious googling to see all the post-show drama and if the couple stayed together. It’s amazing. I think I actually prefer to watch the shows delayed just so I can have the gratification of googling all the info straight away. Brilliant!!

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