Weekend Roundup – Vineyard Wedding edition

This weekend was a beautiful blur!

On Saturday, Matt’s older brother was married in what was quite possibly the prettiest wedding I’ve ever been to!  Mark and Kelly moved to Australia a few years ago, but decided to come back to Ontario to get married in Niagara on the Lake at the Riverbend Inn & Vineyard. It was a picturesque, movie material, magazine worthy wedding.

Since I’m a halfsie (Italian/Irish) most of the weddings I’ve been to, save for the weddings I’ve worked on, have been in banquet halls. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good banquet hall – you’ve got air conditioning, your hair doesn’t droop, your dress doesn’t stick to your ass that’s sweating profusely, it’s great; but it was nice to switch it up and experience a new venue!

Matt’s aunt, the talented Sheri Minardi, took some amazing snaps of the wedding.

11011184_10153459885139085_7162116528423501222_n 11742763_10153459885309085_1134649644155257886_n


Here’s a pic I snapped for my friends of Matt’s boutonniere/bowtie/pocket square. The details for this wedding were unreal!


Source: iPhone5

Bonus to having a photographer in the family? This faux engagement-like picture she took of me and my favourite groomsman!


I had a last minute dress crisis the day before the wedding, and wound up running to Forever 21 and picking up this layered slip dress. Who knew it would match the sunset?


Wedding season can be expensive for guests. So I was so happy to find an affordable dress and pair it with some nude heels I already had. Click here for similar.

In case you’re wondering… hair and lashes ain’t mine. Bellami Piccolina extensions in in off black and drugstore brand falsies.

BTW, I’m not a fashion blogger, and this is as close to fashion blog as I’ll ever get. I just wanted everyone to know my dress was cheap and that half of my look is fake fake fake!



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