The Bachelorette: Why I’m back to Team Nick

Oh, Bachelorette fans. We’ve been through the trenches. We’ve Instagram stalked, Twitter crept, and Facebook searched for our favourite contestants only to have 90% of Bachelor/Bachelorette relationships end within 6 months of the show finale.

We must be eternal optimists, because we keep being sucked back into the vortex of hot tubs, one on one dates and good looking gents and dames there “for the right reasons.”

Last night on the Bachelorette, Kaitlyn Bristowe spilled the beans about having sex with show alum Nick Viall to contestant Shawn Booth, the personal trainer/ Gosling wannabe with a voice that could impregnate and a penchant for bathroom breakdowns. Booth was so upset to hear Kaitlyn hooked up with Nick, he was overheard off camera saying, “I’m so tense, I cant even piss.” Booth played it cool, telling Kaitlyn he was upset but ultimately wants to be with her. Insiders say it took a while but he eventually calmed down enough to relieve himself.

I’ve always been on the fence with Nick Viall. During Andi’s season of the Bachelorette I thought he was charming although I wasn’t quite sure if his feelings were truly genuine. Nick always said the right things, placed his hands on the right spots (small of the back, upper thigh, cupped the face while he kissed) and had the “aw shucks” face down pat whenever he said something smooth. I wondered if Nick was just a smooth operator but then I realized he was one of about 30 kids, which means he has a lot of sisters and was probably exposed to romantic comedies at a very young age.


It’s not uncommon for Bachelor alums to date one another, so I wasn’t TOO surprised when Nick made his appearance on this season of the Bachelorette, however returning to the reality TV world after taking such a public social media beating was a questionable move to me, and one that raised red flags. Our little Canadian Halfling ate up all of Nick’s moves and got cozy with the Chicago native before fantasy suites (whatever, no judgement).

Here’s why I’m back on Team Nick…

Nick handled his hook-up with Kaitlyn like a gentleman by not playing the kiss and tell game to any of the other contestants. He also seemed genuinely offended when Kaitlyn begged him not to tell anyone, which mmmmmmaaaaaybe isn’t the nicest thing to say to someone you just slept with but I doubt there’s a chapter on that in Emily Post’s guide to Reality TV.


Lumberjack Six Pack, Booth was so threatened by Viall that he refused to even mention him by name, often referring to Nick as, “that other guy.” A little childish, yes. Especially when someone VOLUNTARILY SIGNS UP FOR A SHOW WHERE 25 GUYS DATE THE SAME WOMAN.  Shawn, aren’t there like, 20 TV’s at the gym? Are you telling me you’ve never seen an episode of the Bachelorette before?

Booth’s gone to that dark place where insecure people go where whenever they see the object of their insecurity/affection, they have the SAME conversation over and over again. Instead of having adorable little moments and finding out that they both really like The Goonies and Nutella sandwiches, Shawn is constantly asking if he’s the one. I don’t know how Kaitlyn puts up with it, because I would be duct taping his mouth shut and asking him to lift heavy objects instead.


Timing, bro. Timing.

Shawn is hot. But whiney. and a little needy, but looks like he can fix something in the house if it breaks.

Nick is also hot. Less whiney, but looks like he would have the money to hire someone to fix something that breaks.

Where are you on the Shawn v. Nick debate?

Who do you think Kaitlyn will choose?



  1. Oh gosh I don’t “love” either of them, but I would choose Nick for sure. Shawn’s crazy possessive side has come up one too many times for me. When she was telling him she slept with Nick last night, what was definitely going through his mind was “I would smack a B if I wasn’t on National TV.” Hahahaha.

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