Tomorrow is July 1st! Canada’s birthday and a day off to celebrate this beautiful chunk of land by barbecuing and day drinking!

Here’s what I’m currently…


Right now I’m reading “Widow for One Year” by John Irving. My Manpanion’s mom was purging some of her old books (blasphemy!) and gave me a huge pile to add to my collection. I’m not normally a fan of Irving, but decided to give him another go!


August 2014 will be one year since I started my short story project, and I’m still only at 30 pages. Ugh, I’ve got to get my ass in gear, and focus! I’ve made the decision to start scheduling writing time out of the house, either at a coffee shop or the library just to minimize distractions, but with the craziness of weddings and Matt’s family visiting from Australia, my next few weeks are already accounted for!  #excuses


Ed Sheeran, on repeat. Oh Ginger Bear, how I love thee.


I’m a stressball 24/7. I’m panicking because there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, enough days in the week, enough weeks in the year. There’s so much to do and so little time…so I’m thinking I need a nap.



Printer toner which is the welcoming smell of any windowless, beige office.


I wish it was acceptable for me to bring my cat to work. Maybe I can get a note from my doctor that says because I’m so high stress, I need 17 lbs of orange chunk perched on my desk . Like a service dog, but lazy!


I just ordered a dress from an online store for a wedding, and it arrived yesterday. Correction, SOMETHING arrived yesterday but it sure as shit wasn’t the dress I ordered. It was a miniature version of a dress. A child’s dance costume, actually. Note to self, never order anything from Singapore.

Now I hope I can find a dress to wear for a wedding next weekend. Time’s ticking!



Office uniform:  skinny black pants, blouse, flats, bitch face.


1. Nap

2. Office cat

3. New dress

4. World peace

(In that order)



1. Nap

2. Office cat

3. New dress

4. World peace

Again, in that order.



Grateful that tomorrow is Canada Day, and that I’ll have the day off to relax!


Doing my morning news roundup: Huffington Post, Washington Post, The Guardian, Us Weekly.

What are YOU up to currently?

Link up with me, and let’s become internet besties!




  1. Although I’m not Canadian, I wish you a happy (early) Canada Day! Thanks for updating us on your life; mine is going smoothly, nothing too eventful. Just taking a break after college graduation and before I head off to France in the fall.

    …and yes, we are Internet besties, hon! 😉

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  2. Loveeeeeee “Manpanion” – Hilarious!!! And I totally have done the same dress thing, only it was China. And it was horrible. And clearly the women there are miniature versions of us huge Westerners.

    Liked by 1 person

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