Friday Five – Ed Sheeran, Zara & More!

The end of another week!

This weekend will be jam-packed, I’m bracing myself for the chaos. Between weddings, bridal showers and birthdays…*sigh*, it’s going to be crazy.

1. I’ve been scrambling trying to figure out what to wear to all of these events. A few years ago, it was rare that I was invited to a wedding. For the past two years, I’ve been to approximately 15 weddings…with five more this summer! It can be incredibly expensive, but I don’t always want to repeat dresses (although I totally do, thanks Kate Middleton for making that cool).

I came across this site, Chicwish, which has some pretty adorable/wedding appropriate dresses that won’t break the bank!

This is one I’ve got my eye on for a backyard wedding later this summer. I love that it’s romantic, floral and can either be dressed up or down. Click here to learn more about the Lullaby Maxi.

Capture Chic wish

Lullaby Maxi – Chicwish

2. This week Zara began it’s annual summer sale. Since I’m pretty stocked up on my summer basics, I decided to treat my niece Evie to some new summer threads.

How cute is this jumpsuit? I don’t even care that Evie’s parents are going to have to completely undress her to change her diaper. When an outfit is this cute, it’s worth the hassle!

3. Carli Bybel

Alright. This is a big one. This girl is basically the Queen of the YouTube beauty world. Her make-up tutorials get hundreds of thousands of hits and she’s got over 3 million followers on Instagram between her make-up and fashion accounts. If I didn’t love this girl…I would hate her because she’s so beautiful. Like, stunningly, disgustingly beautiful.


If you want to learn how to perfect your make-up technique I suggest you check her out her YouTube page!

4. Ed Sheeran

Oh Mama Mia.

My loins are on fire from this Ginger Bear. My number one celebrity crush is Ed Sheeran.


*fanning myself*

Boy knows how to write a love song, likes to drink, and looks like a good time. What more can you want?

I’ve had Photograph on repeat for weeks, and his music video made me cry. Actually. There were tears.

5.  Power of Make-Up

I JUST came across this video this morning and I think it’s pretty powerful – considering I just told you to check out a beauty vlogger! Play! Let’s all play! Note to self, I need to learn to contour. I think it will save me a lot of money on therapy and nose jobs.



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