Let’s Discuss: Kylie Jenner

While most seventeen year olds are getting dolled up for prom and graduation, KyJy is walking international red carpets in outfits that cost more than my car.Yesterday, Kylie Jenner walked the Cannes Lions Festival with her rapper (and much older boyfriend) Tyga, her mother, Kris, and her mother’s no-name boyfriend.

Let’s discuss…

Ok. I’m going to go easy because Kylie’s still a minor and I don’t throw shade at those who can’t vote, unless your kid’s a real asshole, then I’ll tell you straight up that your kid is an asshole.

I think this is the BEST Kylie’s ever looked.

Make-up – Perfect

Extensions- Perfect

Body – Perfect (but what body isn’t perfect at seventeen?)

Expression – Not completely constipated, but not fearful for her safety

I give kudos to anyone who tries the nude dress trend, or the visible granny panties look. Personally I’m too afraid of visible lip line to give it a whirl, but I’m sure the Kardashian/Jenner family has enough money that they can buy bullet proof briefs to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

Don’t they look like one big happy group?

Kris seems like she would be a blast to hang with. I know she likes her wine. Come hang with me, mama Kris and we can talk shit about people.

This is Kylie’s first red carpet appearance with her boyfriend Tyga whose face tattoos indicate that he is not someone I should write bad things about. So, moving on!

Real talk –

It’s got to be tough to be Kylie Jenner (sometimes). Her sister Kendall has a successful career that we can at least attach a title to, Kim’s busy being Kim, her mom’s busy trying to be Kim, and her family’s in a big transition now that her parents are legally divorced and her father is navigating the world as a woman.

I’m no child psychologist, but I don’t think all the money in the world or enough followers on Instagram could make all the attention her family receives for its ups and downs easy to deal with.

What do you think?

Maybe when things get a little hectic and crazy you’ve just got to pull yourself together and put on a cute dress.




  1. She looks amazing. But I don’t support their family at all. And I just think it’s sad that she is a minor and wearing her panties on a red carpet. I know she doesn’t “want” to be a role model, but she needs to accept that she is one. If she doesn’t want to be one, then she needs to stop going to red carpet events and stop being in the media all together. I’m sure she wouldn’t give up her 4 million condo to stop being a role model. Haha 🙂 But you’re right. Stunning nonetheless.


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