Weekend Roundup

Monday, AGAIN?

If it weren’t for the Bachelorette I would have nothing to look forward to today. Yes, I’m aware of how pathetic that sounds, but it’s the truth.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and did lots of fun/blog-worthy stuff!

Yesterday was a toughie for me, I need to get a badge that says, “I Survived Father’s Day 2015.” As someone who doesn’t have a healthy relationship with their father, it was difficult to navigate social media without becoming incredibly envious of Father/Daughter relationships.


Luckily, my Mom and boyfriend were incredibly understanding of my need to hide under the covers and let a few feelings out through my eyeballs.  I spent a majority of my day solo, catching up on some much needed rest and cuddling my fur babies. Whenever I’m feeling all the feelings in the world, I know I’ve got to give myself some quiet time with lots and lots of cat cuddling.


I’m feeling much better today, but am still not 100%, so I’m issuing a warning, here are a few things I’m not in the mood for today:

1. Being an adult

With the current sunny weather and high temperatures I’m feeling the nostalgic “Omigawd it’s almost summer break!”  like a little kid who gets to throw their entire backpack in the trash at the end of the week to celebrate two months to do absolutely nothing. But that would be impossible, or mean I’ve suddenly become unemployed. Which would be bad. Very, very, bad.

2. Motivational quotes & Tweets

You know what, guys? Just stop. Unless I search for you, don’t show up on my feed. That’s why I have Pinterest, or the quotes section on GoodReads. Maybe tomorrow I’ll want a little inspirational kick in the pants, but today I’ll pass.

3. Sugar

I’m detoxing. I’ve got wedding’s and bridal showers coming out of my wazoo, and I may have overdosed on the sweet stuff this weekend.


I need a Care Bear…or a cocktail. Either one would be sufficient.



  1. Ah, yes…the weekday struggle…indeed, inspirational quotes can get a bit annoying sometimes. I find myself rolling my eyes at them whenever I see them pop up on my Readers feed.

    And I wish you luck on the sugar detox! Granted, it’ll be difficult (if I were you, I wouldn’t even last a meal- I crave sugar too much), but gotta get that figure for wedding day, right? 😛


  2. Sending you virtual hugs, being an adult is highly overrated especially on sunny days. Kids get all the perks and teachers, and really anyone who has crazy free time in the summer. You can do it!

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