31 Things All Women With A Wicked Sense Of Humour Can Relate To

I came across this blog and fell absolutely, head-over-heels in love.
This post, “31 Things All Women With A Wicked Sense Of Humour Can Relate To” knows my soul.
Especially #29 “What some people call, ‘Rudeness’, you just call, ‘Honesty’.”
*Glances to the title of my blog and nods knowingly.*

Constant Spinner

For some of us, humour is gentle, appropriate, and inoffensive. Others, however, prefer our comedy scathing, and unapologetic, and more than a tiny bit sarcastic. Sounding familiar? You may just be one of the many, many women out there who’s fortunate enough to be blessed with a wicked sense of humour – and, God damn, it’s a lot of fun…

1. You’re no stranger to a shocked silence or two.

2. You’ve earned a reputation as something of a bitch because of some of the jokes you’ve told in the past.

3. Cards Against Humanity speaks to your wicked little soul.

4. ‘Kids falling over’ is a saved search in your YouTube app.

5. As is that video of the child’s sandwich getting nicked by a seagull. *evil laugh*

6. You’ve been described as having a, ‘Dry’ or, ‘Dark’ sense of humour, with all the warmth and friendliness that implies.

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