Vancouver #VanCity – Part 2


Seriously. The smog here is killing my vibe.

My second day in Vancouver was spent conducting a training session, but after 3pm it was time to explore more of the city!

Observations :

Nobody stays inside. Seriously. Everyone’s outside biking, running, kayaking or dragon boat racing. I think by now y’all know how I feel about exercise.

tumblr_nbfsyyfTPN1ql5yr7o1_500That being said, I think if I were to live in Vancouver I would at LEAST invest in sporty looking clothes and walk around with my hands on my hips breathing heavily like I JUST stopped running. But I would never run. Everyone would just think I did. That way we all win (except my cardiovascular health, but f*ck that – pass the butter).


I was lucky enough to travel up Mt. Seymour and catch an epic view of Vancouver.

Vancouver View

Taken with my iPhone 5

See that white peak in the distance? No, that’s not a cloud like I thought. That’s Mt. Baker in Washington State. Which freaked my freak. Why you so big? How you do?

Mt Seymour

Taken with my iPhone 5

We then made a detour to Deep Cove for what was probably the most idyllic little neighbourhood I’ve ever seen. Read idyllic as granola and the perfect place to set a murder mystery TV show.

Vancouver deep cove

Deep Cove – Taken with my iPhone 5

The next day it was time to pack up and head back to Toronto.

I was ready to get home to my own bed (and my pets) but sad to leave such a beautiful place. The candy store LICK right beside my gate at the airport made being at an airport for 5 hours by myself worth it.


It got a little weird when the girl who worked there said, “Oh wow, are these gifts for someone back home?”

No. I just needed $10 worth of chocolate for myself. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME!

The flight home was one long marathon of Say Yes to the Dress and Diners, Drive-in’s and Dives (Triple D as us uber fans call it).  I didn’t land in Toronto until 11:30 pm but was really excited to see my Manpanion waiting for me. I almost cried from exhaustion (I’m that girl) but was so happy to see him and drive back to the Hammer.


View from the wing!

Two days in Vancouver was not enough. I can’t wait to go back for a proper visit someday and see the rest the city.

Vancouver, I love you. I’ll never forget you. Thanks for letting me spend sometime in your glory.


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