Weird Questions

My blog bff Britney Lee participated in a Weird Questions tag and since I’m about as creative as a piece of cardboard these days, I thought I’d get back into the blogging swing of things by joining in on the fun!

Let’s spill the tea!

1. Do you have a nickname that only your family use?

Even though I’m legally an Elizabeth, my family has been calling me Libby since day one. I have no idea why, but now I don’t register my given name whenever it’s said out loud.

2. What’s a weird habit of yours?

Always…touching…my…hair. Always. People call me on it because I’ll sit and fiddle with my hair just shed everywhere, but I can’t help it!

3. Do you have any weird phobias?

Commitment-phobia. Joking/ Not joking.

Lilapsophobia – an abnormal fear of tornadoes and hurricanes

Hobo-phobia – I know. It’s weird. I’m scared of homeless people. It’s not because I’m insensitive, but because I was once attacked by a homeless man and am now completely terrified it will happen again.

4. What song do you secretly love to blast out when your alone?

Roar by Katy Perry.

Ugh. I’m so basic.


5. What’s one of your biggest pet peeves?

I generally operate at a high level of being annoyed, so it’s hard for me to pick just one.

I get really annoyed when people say they don’t watch a lot of TV. I didn’t mean TV specifically. I meant streaming TV too. Don’t act like you’re better than me!

Girls who cut their hair right after their wedding. We get it. You’re married now.

6. What’s one of your nervous habits?

My feet are always tapping. I’m always shaking my leg or fidgeting. I heard this burns calories, so at least my anxiety has an upside.

7. What side of the bed do you sleep on?


8. What was your first stuffed animal and it’s name?

His name is Teddy and I got him on the day I was born from my sister. He sits in my closet away from my nosy dog who likes to destroy everything. Once and a while Teddy and I will lock eyes and I’ll give him a quick cuddle, just so he knows I still love him, but am keeping him safe next to my old soccer trophies.

9. What’s the drink you always order at Starbucks?

I get anxious ordering at Starbucks because I don’t know the lingo. So I usually just walk up and say “TEA” and hope the person can help me out.

10. What’s a beauty rule you preach but never actually practice?



11. Which way do you face in the shower?

Truth time: I’m usually really lazy and will just sit in the fetal position and let the water drown out my tears.

12. Do you have any ‘weird’ body skills?

Wouldn’t you like to know….


13. What’s your favorite ‘bad’ comfort food that you eat anyway?

Cookie dough. People think I’m lying, but I will purposely not eat a meal so I can have cookie dough instead. I usually shame eat alone, but sometimes I’ll just put some on a spoon and sit and chat with friends. I don’t care if it gives me worms. It’s worth it.

14. What’s a phrase or exclamation that you always say?

Lately I’m that annoying white girl that says, “Ain’t about that life.”

15. It’s time to sleep – what are you ACTUALLY wearing?

Listen up, because it’s REALLY sexy and guys love it.

T-shirt, sweatshirt, flannel pyjama pants, socks, a top knot, a mouth guard and toothpaste on my zits. #wifematerial



    1. You should answer these!
      It’s the worst. A coworker’s kids were selling tubs of cookie dough for a school fundraiser…so I bought two tubs. One is gone….. the other is opened….

      Liked by 1 person

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