Vancouver #VanCity – Part 1

I’ve been away all week on business (doesn’t that sound so grown up?) and haven’t had a chance to post, but I’ve missed you.

My week started with an early morning flight to Winnipeg, Manitoba where I spent two and a half days rolling out software. I didn’t get to do any exploring – not that there is any. I mean really. What the f*ck Manitoba. But I did get to spend two mornings at Denny’s and built myself a fancy schmancy Fit Slam that satisfied my pancake quota for the year.

Fit Slam

Whole wheat pancakes, egg whites and turkey bacon. Gotta keep my gunt in check.

All my 90’s kids: Do you remember the episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch where Sabrina is addicted to pancakes and hallucinates a maple syrup lady offering her flap jacks like they were deliciously fluffy narcotics?

That’s my life, everyday. I am HOOKED. I will put maple syrup on toast just to get a fix of the sweet stuff. It’s bad. I’m basically waiting until 60 and then letting myself go, donating my legs to diabetes. It’s going to happen. It’s an inherent vice.

So that was Winnipeg!

Work was kind enough to give me a day of travel to Vancouver. One of the regional managers who calls Vancouver home gave us a tour of the city. I haven’t blogged about this yet, but on my recent trip to Paris I was disappointed in myself and the fact that I didn’t fall in love with the city immediately. From the plane flying into Vancouver, I was mesmerized.

Vancouver- Stanley park

View from Stanley Park. Taken with my iPhone 5.

The city is in Technicolor. The mountains, the evergreens, the ocean… It’s magical. I was texting my friends and family to say “Goodbye Forever” as soon as I had a WiFi connection. It’s that beautiful.

After a walk along the Sea Wall of Coal Harbour, I was treated to dinner at Cardero’s, A restaurant on the water, that boasted some of the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life: Wild Mushroom with truffle oil and arugula. I would have taken a picture, but that would have required me to stop eating long enough to take a photo. I ate the WHOLE thing.


Cardero’s restaurant in Coal Harbour Source

Their appetizer meatballs were just as delightful, reminiscent of my Nonna’s home made Sunday dinner Spaghetti and Meatballs dinner. All Italians know “Nonna Quality” is a huge compliment and Cardero deserves it!

Coal Harbour

The view from dinner on Coal Harbour, taken with my iPhone

It took some getting used to the time difference. Being 3 hours behind everyone at home meant after about 8pm, there was zero communication with my friends and family. Luckily, our guides around Vancouver kept us going until about 10pm at night, showing us the sites despite being up since sunrise. They were so proud to show off the city, and I can totally see why. As part of an icebreaker for each of my training sessions, I ask everyone in the room to tell me their name, favourite TV show, favourite city they’ve visited and their hobbies.

Every single person in the room during our session said Vancouver, their hometown, was their favourite city in the world.

Hamilton, I love you, but there’s no way in HELL you are my favourite city in the world. I normally say Boston, but as of today, June 5th, 2015…my favourite city is Vancouver.

I have a flight to catch, so I will tell you more about my Vancouver adventures when I land in Toronto!



  1. Gorgeous pictures! I’m glad that you had fun in Vancouver. I’ve been there before, since I have relatives there, and it’s absolutely wonderful. The pancakes and bacon definitely made me hungry! 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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