Month: June 2015

All love is a lie, but on the upside Ben Affleck is single

Methinks I’m still in shock from this news, but the newspaper man in me was urging me to get a jump on this story and fill your newsfeed with worthless chitchat.


Deep breaths. In through the nose…Out through the mouth…

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have called it quits.



I never thought I would live to see this day. I mean, you hope for the best and you stick it out as the only person in your group of friends to think Jersey Girl was a great movie, but man. Life, right?  What a ride. What a ride, indeed.

I’ve never hidden my infatuation with Ben Affleck. I’ve dedicated entire posts to photos of Ben just walkin’ up and down the street. Sure, there are those stories about his gambling addiction and his love of strippers, but who doesn’t like a good game a black jack and a nice slice of ass crack in their face every once and a while?  I’ll make excuses for his bad behavior so long as Fruit of the Loom makes tight cotton t-shirts for him to wear. Really, people. I’m pulling a Hillary and just standing by my man with complete ulterior motives to profit from his status.




Tomorrow is July 1st! Canada’s birthday and a day off to celebrate this beautiful chunk of land by barbecuing and day drinking!

Here’s what I’m currently…


Right now I’m reading “Widow for One Year” by John Irving. My Manpanion’s mom was purging some of her old books (blasphemy!) and gave me a huge pile to add to my collection. I’m not normally a fan of Irving, but decided to give him another go!


August 2014 will be one year since I started my short story project, and I’m still only at 30 pages. Ugh, I’ve got to get my ass in gear, and focus! I’ve made the decision to start scheduling writing time out of the house, either at a coffee shop or the library just to minimize distractions, but with the craziness of weddings and Matt’s family visiting from Australia, my next few weeks are already accounted for!  #excuses


Ed Sheeran, on repeat. Oh Ginger Bear, how I love thee.


I’m a stressball 24/7. I’m panicking because there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day, enough days in the week, enough weeks in the year. There’s so much to do and so little time…so I’m thinking I need a nap.



Printer toner which is the welcoming smell of any windowless, beige office.


I wish it was acceptable for me to bring my cat to work. Maybe I can get a note from my doctor that says because I’m so high stress, I need 17 lbs of orange chunk perched on my desk . Like a service dog, but lazy!


I just ordered a dress from an online store for a wedding, and it arrived yesterday. Correction, SOMETHING arrived yesterday but it sure as shit wasn’t the dress I ordered. It was a miniature version of a dress. A child’s dance costume, actually. Note to self, never order anything from Singapore.

Now I hope I can find a dress to wear for a wedding next weekend. Time’s ticking!



Office uniform:  skinny black pants, blouse, flats, bitch face.


1. Nap

2. Office cat

3. New dress

4. World peace

(In that order)



1. Nap

2. Office cat

3. New dress

4. World peace

Again, in that order.



Grateful that tomorrow is Canada Day, and that I’ll have the day off to relax!


Doing my morning news roundup: Huffington Post, Washington Post, The Guardian, Us Weekly.

What are YOU up to currently?

Link up with me, and let’s become internet besties!


Friday Five – Ed Sheeran, Zara & More!

The end of another week!

This weekend will be jam-packed, I’m bracing myself for the chaos. Between weddings, bridal showers and birthdays…*sigh*, it’s going to be crazy.

1. I’ve been scrambling trying to figure out what to wear to all of these events. A few years ago, it was rare that I was invited to a wedding. For the past two years, I’ve been to approximately 15 weddings…with five more this summer! It can be incredibly expensive, but I don’t always want to repeat dresses (although I totally do, thanks Kate Middleton for making that cool).

I came across this site, Chicwish, which has some pretty adorable/wedding appropriate dresses that won’t break the bank!

This is one I’ve got my eye on for a backyard wedding later this summer. I love that it’s romantic, floral and can either be dressed up or down. Click here to learn more about the Lullaby Maxi.

Capture Chic wish

Lullaby Maxi – Chicwish

2. This week Zara began it’s annual summer sale. Since I’m pretty stocked up on my summer basics, I decided to treat my niece Evie to some new summer threads.

How cute is this jumpsuit? I don’t even care that Evie’s parents are going to have to completely undress her to change her diaper. When an outfit is this cute, it’s worth the hassle!

3. Carli Bybel

Alright. This is a big one. This girl is basically the Queen of the YouTube beauty world. Her make-up tutorials get hundreds of thousands of hits and she’s got over 3 million followers on Instagram between her make-up and fashion accounts. If I didn’t love this girl…I would hate her because she’s so beautiful. Like, stunningly, disgustingly beautiful.


If you want to learn how to perfect your make-up technique I suggest you check her out her YouTube page!

4. Ed Sheeran

Oh Mama Mia.

My loins are on fire from this Ginger Bear. My number one celebrity crush is Ed Sheeran.


*fanning myself*

Boy knows how to write a love song, likes to drink, and looks like a good time. What more can you want?

I’ve had Photograph on repeat for weeks, and his music video made me cry. Actually. There were tears.

5.  Power of Make-Up

I JUST came across this video this morning and I think it’s pretty powerful – considering I just told you to check out a beauty vlogger! Play! Let’s all play! Note to self, I need to learn to contour. I think it will save me a lot of money on therapy and nose jobs.

Let’s Discuss: Kylie Jenner

While most seventeen year olds are getting dolled up for prom and graduation, KyJy is walking international red carpets in outfits that cost more than my car.Yesterday, Kylie Jenner walked the Cannes Lions Festival with her rapper (and much older boyfriend) Tyga, her mother, Kris, and her mother’s no-name boyfriend.

Let’s discuss…

Ok. I’m going to go easy because Kylie’s still a minor and I don’t throw shade at those who can’t vote, unless your kid’s a real asshole, then I’ll tell you straight up that your kid is an asshole.

I think this is the BEST Kylie’s ever looked.

Make-up – Perfect

Extensions- Perfect

Body – Perfect (but what body isn’t perfect at seventeen?)

Expression – Not completely constipated, but not fearful for her safety

I give kudos to anyone who tries the nude dress trend, or the visible granny panties look. Personally I’m too afraid of visible lip line to give it a whirl, but I’m sure the Kardashian/Jenner family has enough money that they can buy bullet proof briefs to prevent a wardrobe malfunction.

Don’t they look like one big happy group?

Kris seems like she would be a blast to hang with. I know she likes her wine. Come hang with me, mama Kris and we can talk shit about people.

This is Kylie’s first red carpet appearance with her boyfriend Tyga whose face tattoos indicate that he is not someone I should write bad things about. So, moving on!

Real talk –

It’s got to be tough to be Kylie Jenner (sometimes). Her sister Kendall has a successful career that we can at least attach a title to, Kim’s busy being Kim, her mom’s busy trying to be Kim, and her family’s in a big transition now that her parents are legally divorced and her father is navigating the world as a woman.

I’m no child psychologist, but I don’t think all the money in the world or enough followers on Instagram could make all the attention her family receives for its ups and downs easy to deal with.

What do you think?

Maybe when things get a little hectic and crazy you’ve just got to pull yourself together and put on a cute dress.


Movies that changed my life

My friend over at The Finicky Cynic has been issuing a blog challenge for the month of June. Each day, she’s been sharing a writing prompt to help inspire other bloggers to up their content game and get their creative juices flowin’.

There have been so many that have caught my eye, but when she asked for bloggers to share a list of movies that have changed their life, I knew I had to get in on the action.

“Changed” is probably a bit of a stretch, “influenced” is probably the word I would use to describe my picks. These are movies I feel like helped shape my tastes in film and resonated with me at different periods in my life. They’re the kind of movies you own on VHS, DVD and never stream illegally. I care that much for them.

1. The Little Mermaid – 1989

I was two years old when I first saw the Little Mermaid and it’s been one of my favourite movies ever since. This movie single-handedly shaped my romantic tastes in men: Dark hair, blue eyes, animal lover with a shit ton of money. I’m a victim of lusting after any man who resembles this cartoon, sea-faring Prince. This is why I’ll forever have an insatiable desire to lick Jake Gyllenhaal to see if he tastes like salt water and unrealistic expectations of love (I bet he does).


2. Grease- 1978

The film adaptation of the musical is a timeless tale of summer love between an unlikely couple. My sister and I would put on the soundtrack (on vinyl thank you very much) and recreate scenes and performances with our friends. This movie pushed the envelope and although set in the 1950’s has themes of youthful romance, rebellion and friendship that resonate with audiences. I also attribute this film with molding me into a foul mouthed six year old who sang, “She’s a real pussy-wagon!” at the top of my lungs. For me this film was a gateway drug into the musical genre, opening the door to films like Annie, My Fair Lady, Chicago and The Sound of Music.


3. Little Women – 1994

Little Women, the adaptation starring Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon is hands down, one of my favourite films of all time. Hands down. Hands. Down.  I was seven years old when I saw this movie in theatres, and felt a strong connection to Jo March that has grown immensely over time; she’s wild at heart, sensitive, craves adventure but is a little rough around the edges, not really fitting in with what’s expected of women the post Civil War period.  The coming of age story of Little Women is dear to my heart but production wise, cinematographically, musically, this film for me is a visual masterpiece. I have the soundtrack on my iTunes. Seriously.

And young Christian Bale. *Swoon*


4. Closer – 2004

Another adaptation of a play. This film follows the intertwining relationships between two couples, and doesn’t shy away from touching on the messiness and complexities of romantic/sexual relationships. When I first saw this film I was seventeen, and had never seen a film address raw topics like infidelity and betrayal through Hollywood heavyweights like Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman. It’s hard to judge the characters of this film, because as I’ve gotten older, I’ve seen myself in each of them, each one is flawed, which is incredibly appealing to my now 27 year old self. This movie pushed me towards film and literature that explores these topics and doesn’t necessarily ascribe to the Happily Ever After Hollywood tale that I had previously been attracted to.

If you haven’t seen this film, I highly recommend it. I mean, look at this line:



Who ends a list at 4? I DO!

What movies have changed your life?

31 Things All Women With A Wicked Sense Of Humour Can Relate To

I came across this blog and fell absolutely, head-over-heels in love.
This post, “31 Things All Women With A Wicked Sense Of Humour Can Relate To” knows my soul.
Especially #29 “What some people call, ‘Rudeness’, you just call, ‘Honesty’.”
*Glances to the title of my blog and nods knowingly.*

Constant Spinner

For some of us, humour is gentle, appropriate, and inoffensive. Others, however, prefer our comedy scathing, and unapologetic, and more than a tiny bit sarcastic. Sounding familiar? You may just be one of the many, many women out there who’s fortunate enough to be blessed with a wicked sense of humour – and, God damn, it’s a lot of fun…

1. You’re no stranger to a shocked silence or two.

2. You’ve earned a reputation as something of a bitch because of some of the jokes you’ve told in the past.

3. Cards Against Humanity speaks to your wicked little soul.

4. ‘Kids falling over’ is a saved search in your YouTube app.

5. As is that video of the child’s sandwich getting nicked by a seagull. *evil laugh*

6. You’ve been described as having a, ‘Dry’ or, ‘Dark’ sense of humour, with all the warmth and friendliness that implies.

View original post 401 more words

Weekend Roundup

Monday, AGAIN?

If it weren’t for the Bachelorette I would have nothing to look forward to today. Yes, I’m aware of how pathetic that sounds, but it’s the truth.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and did lots of fun/blog-worthy stuff!

Yesterday was a toughie for me, I need to get a badge that says, “I Survived Father’s Day 2015.” As someone who doesn’t have a healthy relationship with their father, it was difficult to navigate social media without becoming incredibly envious of Father/Daughter relationships.


Luckily, my Mom and boyfriend were incredibly understanding of my need to hide under the covers and let a few feelings out through my eyeballs.  I spent a majority of my day solo, catching up on some much needed rest and cuddling my fur babies. Whenever I’m feeling all the feelings in the world, I know I’ve got to give myself some quiet time with lots and lots of cat cuddling.


I’m feeling much better today, but am still not 100%, so I’m issuing a warning, here are a few things I’m not in the mood for today:

1. Being an adult

With the current sunny weather and high temperatures I’m feeling the nostalgic “Omigawd it’s almost summer break!”  like a little kid who gets to throw their entire backpack in the trash at the end of the week to celebrate two months to do absolutely nothing. But that would be impossible, or mean I’ve suddenly become unemployed. Which would be bad. Very, very, bad.

2. Motivational quotes & Tweets

You know what, guys? Just stop. Unless I search for you, don’t show up on my feed. That’s why I have Pinterest, or the quotes section on GoodReads. Maybe tomorrow I’ll want a little inspirational kick in the pants, but today I’ll pass.

3. Sugar

I’m detoxing. I’ve got wedding’s and bridal showers coming out of my wazoo, and I may have overdosed on the sweet stuff this weekend.


I need a Care Bear…or a cocktail. Either one would be sufficient.

That time I went to a Sam Hunt concert solo…

Utterly devastated
That’s my #currentmood.
Last night Sam Hunt opened for Hunter Hayes and Lady Antebellum at the Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto… and I missed it. I missed his entire set.
Let’s take a trip down memory lane…
March 2015
Kendra, the daughter of a family friend, messages me to say her mom surprised her with tickets to see Sam Hunt open for Lady Antebellum. Despite the fact that Kendra’s sixteen and I should be the mature, older-sister figure, I immediately get jealous.
I should get tickets too!
I should spend a ridiculous amount of money last minute on tickets and get front row seats!
Out comes the credit card.
This is going to sound weird. Like, really weird. But I only bought 1 ticket. I tried canvasing for friends to come with me, but I was turned down several times.
“We could get lawn tickets?” One friend sweetly suggested.
I spent 3 months panicking about being solo at the show. I was worried about things like what to do with my hands. Do I cross my arms? Do I look around like I’m waiting for someone? Do I just stare at people and try not to get punched because of my resting bitch face?
June 18th 2015
The big day.
I arrive at the GO Train station to meet Kendra and her mom. I wanted to savor the last human contact I would have for the next four hours.
We’re excited.
Our hair is curled.
Our make-up is on point.
We start debating over whether or not Sam will wear a tank top. We’re there for the music, but let’s face it. Homeboy looks good in a tank top.

Me and Kendra – before things took a turn for the worse. We were so bright-eyed and optimistic. The night was so full of promise!

We board the train…and then a half hour later the train stops.
We wait …and we wait… and then we hear the announcement, “Due to a medical emergency, this train has been delayed until medical professionals arrive.”
I would like to tell you that my first thought was genuine concern.  That I sprung to my feet, yelled, “I’ve seen the first three seasons of Greys Anatomy!” and saved the day with my limited health care knowledge.
Instead I looked at my phone and realized it was 6:30. There was 30 minutes until Sam took the stage.
Panic was setting in.
Fifteen minutes later, an army of denim cut-offs evacuated the train, scrambling to hail a cab, a bicycle or a magic carpet.
“Do we get off the train?” I asked Kendra’s mom (when in doubt, ask a mom).
“There’s another train coming in three minutes, we’ll make it, but it’ll be tight!”
I’d like you to imagine the scene from Schindler’s List where hundreds of Jewish people are herded like cattle onto a train to there uncertain fate. Ok, take away the anti-Semitism and throw in a bunch of plaid and cowboy boots and you’ve got an idea of what the rest of our train ride was like.
I was uncomfortably close to strangers. My bum touched people’s bums. I think I accidentally got to second base with someone when I tried to steady myself when the train lurched unexpectedly.
A man accompanying his son to a baseball game in the City said to no one in particular, “Some seventeen year old girl got drunk and started vomiting everywhere! She pulled the emergency stop!”
I shook my head. I shook my damn head so hard I thought it was going to fall off.
From behind me a little voice cracked, “I’m 18 and I’m completely wasted right now, but like, I’m keeping my shit together.”
The legal drinking age in Ontario is nineteen. Nine-effin’-teen. I would just like to point out here, that my inner goody-two-shoes wanted to scold my fellow sardine like she was a dog who just peed on the carpet. I didn’t drink until I was twenty-years old out of sheer terror of the effects of alcohol. I judged. I judged big time.
When our train slowly rolled into Exhibition Station, it was a mad dash. I was Bruce Jenner when he was still Bruce Jenner. I grabbed little Kendra’s hand and we ran to the venue, her mother was nowhere in sight.
This is how I know I’m not ready to be a mother:
We pass security, can hear Sam Hunt singing, and I turn to Kendra and say, “Are you going to be OK?”
All 4″11 of little Kenny looks nervously at the crowd and says, “I just have to find my mom!”
I reply with a, “JUST GO TO YOUR SEAT” and booked it.
I left a child.
I left someone who could technically be considered not only a child, but a little person alone in a crowd.
I start running from my guilt and get down to the pit and see a sweat soaked Sam Hunt, and I start thinking, “Hey, I’m covered in sweat too!” #twinsies and then he starts singing Break Up in a Small Town… the last song of his set.
He waves to the crowd, he says goodnight and exits the stage.
My heart breaking was audible.
My Catholic upbringing kicked in and I start thinking, “You know, Libby – the Lord works in mysterious ways.” As if somehow Sam would return and say, “Was your train late, girl? Would you like me to sing for you, and just you, one more time?”
The Lord works in mysterious ways.
I decided to start drinking. In line for the over-priced alcoholic beverages I see Hunter Hayes take the stage.
I wanted to go home. I was pissed at myself for spending so much money on my ticket but mostly at the North American glamorization of underage drinking and whomever thought it was a good idea to give the seventeen (and eighteen) year old girl on the train alcohol.
I pay for my legally acquired cooler, take out my phone and begin to text friends in Toronto asking them to meet up, when I’m hit with a pang of sympathy.
That 17 year old girl is going to have one hell of a hangover today. I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Shit happens.
I head back to the pit and spot a group of girls loving life. Dancing, singing, twirling one another, and I pulled the classic new kid in school move.  I tap the girl on the shoulder and say,  “You look like you’re having a time. Is it cool if I hang out with you girls?”
Now, if someone said that to me at a concert, I would immediately hold onto my purse and lock eyes with a security guard juuuuust in case.
Maybe there was visible sadness in my sweaty face or the girl was just a nice person in general, but she pulled me by the arm and said, “GET IN HERE!” and we began to sing. By the end of the night I felt like just one of the girls and had two new Instagram friends.
Lady Antebellum put on a spectacular show. I sang my troubles (and my voice) away with my new country concert girlfriends and enjoyed myself. I still felt incredibly weird and awkward being by myself, but it was a test in confidence, sort of like going to the movies by yourself, or having dinner solo in a restaurant.
Towards the end of their set, Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt joined the band to sing Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”. I was upfront and he was wearing a tank top.
After the show I rendezvoused with Kendra and her mom and took the train home. There were rowdy, drunken teenagers making slurred phone calls to pizza places to order delivery.
Even though I wound up having a good time, it still sucks. It stiiiillllll effin sucks.
Oh well.
I’m sure one day I’ll catch Sam Hunt in concert. When he’s headlining a stadium tour (which is bound to happen soon). Until then, I’ve got his album on my iTunes, and while I’m driving to work I’ve got my own concert anytime I want.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker: Nick Jonas edition

If you’re like me, you love a younger man (of consenting age, ladies).

They’re malleable, eager to learn, they have more energy, and don’t care if guys your own age consider you to be “bat shit crazy.” To them, psycho bitch behavior registers as “hot” or “spirited”.

Fresh on the scene of available young pups is Nick Jonas. It was announced today that the over-sexed, diabetic, six-pack-a-licious specimen and his girlfriend of two years, former beauty queen, Olivia Culpo, have called it quits.

Let’s take a moment to admire how ridiculously good looking these two were together.


Ok, I’m over it.

Sure, she has great brows and I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but it’s time for Nick Jonas to Tarzan straight into his next high profile relationship.

Who should he date next?

I’m glad you asked.

Here are my top 5 picks for Jonas’ next leading lady

1. Miley Cyrus


Wouldn’t it be great if these two youngin’s reunited almost 10 years after their whirlwind Disney romance? We all know Miley had it bad for Nick. She penned (or helped pen) the song “See You Again” after her awkward s-s-stutter around the young heartthrob. C’mon. She’s wild enough to shake things up for Jonas who looks as though he’s been making love for the past two years on satin sheets to an Enya soundtrack (she looks like that girl, right?).

Please make this happen.

2. Taylor Swift


Even though Swift is currently dating Calvin Harris, I would LOVE it if these two were at least pictured together holding hands at a club. With Joe Jonas watching. Scratch that – with Joe Jonas crying in a corner. Sure it would be a little gross considering Swift’s swapped spit with Nick’s older brother, but who cares? We’re all friends here, right? Ok, this one’s a little far fetched, but I tried it.

3. Hilary Duff


I’m keeping it in the Disney fam with this one. Hil’s fresh out of a divorce and has a small child. Nick is fresh out of a long term relationship and once WAS a small child. A soulful, sensitive guy with a hot body is just what Hilary needs to get back in the dating game. Even if it’s just for fun. They have a lot in common, having boy navigated the child-star world with minimal scandal, and both are more successful than their siblings. #sorrynotsorry

4. Rihanna


No hook-up list is complete without Riri. She looks like she could teach Nick a thing or two.

5. Jana Duggar


This pairing is to get Jana the f*ck out of Arkansas. They could bond over Christianity and then Jana has a ticket to Hollywood where she can wear pants and escape the weirdness that has become her family. Jana’s already a rebel. She’s 25 and not married. She looks at the camera with sort of a “Get me out of here” glaze and I think Nick would be the perfect knight in shining armor for our favourite Duggar sister.

Nick, wherever you are, dry your tears. It’s going to be OK. If for any reason you forego my recommendations, you are always welcome to come over for adult sleepovers and sing songs from Les Mis with me.

You keep saying “Basic” like it’s a bad thing…

Basic:  Someone who is unflinchingly upholding of the status quo and stereotypes of their gender without even realizing it. She engages in typical, unoriginal behaviors, modes of dress, speech, and likes. She is tragically/laughably unaware of her utter lack of specialness and intrigue. She believers herself to be unique, fly, amazing, and a complete catch, when really she is boring, painfully normal, and par. She believes her experiences to be crazy, wild, and different or somehow more special than everything that everybody else is doing, when really, almost everyone is doing or has done the exact same thing. She is typical and a dime a dozen. There are many subtypes of basicness, such as the basic ratchet, the basic sorority bitch, the basic groupie bitch, the basic I’m-so-Carrie-from-Sex-and-the-City bitch, etc, but ultimately, they all share the common thread of being expendable and un-noteworthy and, in some cases, having absolutely no redeeming qualities.

source – Urban Dictionary

Basically, I’m basic.


I dress like Old Money, drink pinot grigio by the bottle and live tweet the Bachelorette.

I love big barrel curls, romantic comedies, Taylor Swift, I have private wedding Pinterest boards, I steal phrases from Wendy Williams, and even though I’m approaching thirty, I still secretly hope I can be sent back to high school undercover à la Never Been Kissed.

I shop at Zara, wear nude pumps with every dress,  have a strange obsession with the Kennedy’s, listen to a shit ton of country music and take a lot of closed mouth selfies which my friends have told me make me look constipated.

I get it, I’m unoriginal.


I’ve thought long and hard about my basic-ness and as someone who grew up feeling like they’ve never fit in, I actually consider my basic bitch status to be somewhat of an achievement and a testament to hours and hours of therapy (look, Mom! I did it!).

I can’t help but feel as though this label is somehow another form of female oppression designed to preoccupy women with feelings of unworthiness. To be basic, is to fail at being a modern, innovative, progressive, strong woman. It’s not enough to be female – you have to be entirely unique, shun fashion trends and cultural norms and exist outside the realm of your female contemporaries. It’s a dangerous idea that pins women against one another to criticize how we express not only our femininity, but ultimately how we express ourselves. Do men ever worry that their being a basic bro? That they like hockey, beer, cars and butts as much as their friends and men in their age demographic?

No. They don’t.

For a long time I considered myself to be an uninteresting person because I didn’t feel there were things about me that made me unique. I was really anxious whenever I met new people, because I was convinced they would think I was boring, dull, basic.

So what if I’m a woman who loves the Bachelor franchise and creeps all of the contestants on social media? My moments of basicness don’t negate my moments of creativity which are anything but boring. My basic self is just the base of myself. It’s one layer in a cluster-f*ck of traits and habits that make me who I am.


If you’re someone who isn’t considered basic, and expresses yourself externally/superficially in a way that’s esthetically unique, that’s cool too. I’m sure we have some things in common with one another. We’re all basic to a certain extent.

Y’all don’t know me. Y’all don’t know what I think and feel. Well, now you do. I hope you’ll take back the title of basic bitch for yourself, and maybe even forgive the part of you that feels as though you’re not special.

Basic bitches, unite!