J-Lo was photographed yesterday with “a short new hairdo.”


J-Lo was photographed yesterday without her extensions/weave.

Personally, I was excited to see JLO rocking the Rachel circa 1994, because my hair envy is real. Having not been blessed with thick hair, I jumped on the hair-cape band wagon years ago…10 years ago to be exact.


I used to wear extensions (just the clip-ins) daily for volume and length, but finally made the decision about…oh… a year ago to embrace my natural length and texture and try to make my hair as healthy as possible (not washing everyday, minimal heat styling, masques and argan oil). I still miss scaring people at the end of the day when I take out half of my hair and leave it lying around like a sleeping black cat, but it’s nice to not worry if my tracks are showing, or if that stray extension you see on the bathroom floor of a club is yours (ratchet!). Believe you me, I still whip out my Bellami’s whenever I’ve got a special event just to give me a little added oomph, but for the most part, I’m au natural with an excessive amount of back-combing.

GUARANTEED in the next few days we’ll be seeing Jennifer looking like her JLO self with her big after-sex hair. Men will probably be confused, “How did her hair grow so fast?” But the rest of us will know that she’s essentially wearing her fortune like a lion’s mane for all of us to see.

Do you dabble in the extension world? If so, what’s your favourite go-to brand?

I’ve tried almost all of them. From the Raquel Welch collection, to the beauty supply brand where I’m sitting in my basement for five hours sewing them together.

Like I said, I’m a Bellami girl myself (thanks to Carli Bybel) but I’m not a loyal hoe – I’ll try anything!


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