Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

A double post about movies is probably not the smartest blogging move, but who really cares about being smart in life, right? #priorities

One of my favourite ways to kill time is to watch movie trailers online. I’ll waste a good hour, hour and a half just checking out trailers for new releases, older films, different versions of trailers for the same film…you get it. I like trailers.

Last year I caught a bunch of feelings when I read and then saw The Fault in Our Stars.

Those damn kids. They never even had a chance!

The ugly cry was so real that day, it’s now a benchmark for all sad movies. If someone said, “I cried when I watched ____” I’ll ask, “TFIOS cry? Green Mile cry? Homeward Bound cry?” Different cries for different films, but TFIOS was a guttural sob, with like, wet shirt collar from all of my tears and shame from crying so hard in public. That’s hard to top.


The trailer for Me, Earl and the Dying Girl looks like it could come close to capturing the same TFIOS feelings. This film was big on the indie scene at Sundance and will no doubt make a heartthrob of Thomas Mann, the baby faced star who looks like he might have been your best guy friend in high school that you now find to be incredibly hot and sensitive, and kind of want to do under the shirt stuff with.

Just remember I said that when you swoon over him months from now.

Anyways. Mark your calendars, because this movie looks like it’s going to break hearts this summer.



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