Not dead, just on vacation!

I’m back!

After two weeks in Paris and London, I’m back in Canada-land and adjusting to life in the real world.

Case in point, I just passed two co-workers having a riveting conversation about hostas, and who loves hostas more.

What are hostas? They’re plants that grown-ups keep on their lawn to remind them of their failed dreams, obviously.


It feels like I’ve been gone forever! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am now vowing to sell of my possessions and take this train wreck international any chance I can get. It took a while, but after the post-vacation come down (am I still in it?) I woke up today feeling refreshed and ready to tackle some of my personal projects with a youthful naiveté and determination that I usually save for picking ingrown hairs from my bikini line.

I’ll post more about my trip and adventures in the weeks to come (I’m going to make these vacation stories last until I’m 30), but if you’re looking for pics, check out my Insta account @mselizabethr  and we can be Instagram friends!




The Bachelorette is back on and I’m debating doing an episode by episode re-cap. Thoughts? If you want it, I’ll do it.

We’ve got to talk about the pop culture madness that happened while I was gone, namely the untimely demise of The Mindy Project (I thought this was a cruel internet hoax) and the Bad Blood music video which has just gone to number one on my iTunes for most played songs. Is that sad, or is that commitment? You judge.

I’ve missed you, internet. Let’s always be friends and tell our deepest secrets and then immediately regret it if we ever decide to pursue our dream jobs and are subject to an internet search by first and last name.





  1. Omg Hulu saved the day! And yay for more travels! At that point I just want you to host your show and give your hilarious commentary as you travel 😂 and the Internet missed u too :*


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