Let’s Discuss: Blake Lively

I’ve run out of things to talk about so I’m just going to talk shit about celebrities until my life becomes exciting.

Blake Lively

*Eye Roll*

Blake Lively

*Eye Roll*

Blake Lively

*Eye Roll*

I cant help it. It just HAPPENS.

I just don’t get it with this one. The appeal is the blonde hair and the giggling. That’s it. Lively is essentially Goop 2.0 and that means absolutely nothing to me. The lifestyle blog? The bouncing back right after baby? The “keeping the baby’s name a secret thing?”

She begs for you to care.

Do I sound a little riled up? I’ve been living off of chocolate chip cookies today because it’s scrambled eggs and ketchup week (if you can guess what that means, we are officially best friends).

Anyways, Lifestyle Barbie was out and about promoting her movie The Age of Adeline. The trailer looks like a commercial for a new perfume. Lively barely says a word, which personally, is how I prefer it.

Blake Lively Says "Good Morning America"


What do you think? Were you on the Gossip Girl Travelling Pants train that I apparently missed?  (I didn’t miss it, I saw it and hoped it would run into an oncoming train). It’s all a little too try-hardy without substance. Give me an Emma Stone or ….anyone else any day of the week.

Bonus – Michiel Huisman from Game of Thrones and The Age of Adeline . Mama likes.

"The Age Of Adaline" New York Premiere




  1. Got the scrambled eggs & ketchup reference! I was on the Gossip Girl/ Traveling Pants bandwagon, but not for Blake.

    I don’t have anything going on either (surprise!) and nothing coming up so don’t feel too bad!


  2. ^ we should all start a nothing going on club. Apparently starting blog clubs is my go to when I’m in a rut!

    I don’t mind her so much but Gossip Girl kinda ruined her for me. She’s like the blond version of Nina Dobrev in my opinion.

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