Let’s Discuss: Is this body shaming?

Alright, I’m on the fence with this one and thought maybe we could discuss.

Michael Buble is making headlines because he posted the following pic to Instagram:


Of course, Huffington Post picked up the story and noted that Buble has been trolled by angry users accusing the crooner of body shaming this unidentified woman and her itty bitty shorts.

Maybe I’m just overly protective because he’s Canadian and I look out for my own (yes, even you Avril/Chad/Biebs), but I’m not entirely convinced this is body shaming. If Buble had hashtagged his photo something overtly negative instead of #beautifulbum,  then I’d be the first person slapping his hand.

What do y’all think? Are we too insecure/sensitive/hyperaware of the body positive movement that we look for any reason to jump all over someone?

Kudos to this woman, though. I’m particularly insecure of my booty and WISH I had her derriere.

Is her clothing choice influenced by her culture/environment? Miami, like the rest of Florida, generally exposes more skin  than say, Ohio.  Obviously this woman felt comfortable going out in public in her short shorts and flaunts what she’s got. Is it any different than someone posting a sexy pic of themselves in revealing clothes on Instagram? Or is the problem here that someone ELSE posted a booty pic for her?



Discuss. Discuss!



  1. I don’t think it’s body shaming, but I seriously wish people wouldn’t take pictures of strangers without their permission and then post it on the web. Who knows how that woman feels about all the attention

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  2. I don’t think it’s body shaming, she’s obviously comfortable with herself, and he definitely didn’t say anything perverted or disgusting. In my opinion, people who are comfortable with themselves dress like that to flaunt what they got, as they should! I admire her! But like someone else said, I hate that people take pictures of strangers and post them. Usually they say something mean, so at least he didn’t do that though.

    I literally laughed at the comment about the dog stroller though, haha that’s great!

    xox Lo

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    1. I flaunt what I got, which is why I show a lot of wrist in all of my outfits.
      Just looked at your blog, Lauren! I love it! Definitely going to be reading it on the reg!


  3. At first, I thought that the woman in the photo was taken by accident (although Buble’s hashtags say otherwise…). But while I don’t believe that it’s body-shaming per say, I don’t think Buble should have hashtagged all of those tags. It still is a form of female objectification, especially since we don’t even see the woman’s face (nor does her body posture suggest that she wanted to be objectified).

    In any case, I think Buble didn’t make a good decision posting that pic, but he’s still a cutie. 🙂

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  4. I’m torn too…while i don’t think it’s body shaming considering that he is complimenting her, i think it’s wrong that he posted it without her knowing. pretty sure that might be illegal. but if you get verbal permission it’s ok, but hard to prove. for all we know he could have asked her if he could post it…
    also, part of me has thought that if you’re going to wear something like that in public…then you might be comfortable enough to have it be on the internet…maybe…

    actually no, scratch that. i go out in sweatpants or leggings and a not long enough shirt and i wouldn’t want that on the internet…

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  5. I don’t think it’s body shaming but I’m also on the fence about taking “covert” pictures of people and then posting it online.

    I feel like it’s his Instagram and should post what he wants but he’s also a celebrity with all eyes on his every move. I think his hash tags saved him because they were kinder than #putsomeclotheson or even #datassdoe.

    Personally, I wish I had the body and the confidence to wear shorts like that. WERK, GIRL!

    Does this make any kind of sense? It’s passed my bedtime.

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  6. I don’t think it’s bodyshaming either. I agree with what you said about how we are all just overly sensitive. When we were growing up, wasn’t it our parents who always told us that “sticks and stones can break your bones but words will never hurt you?” Let’s keep that in mind and stop letting everything offend us.

    Also, the hashtag won it hands down.

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  7. I don’t know if it’s body shaming because it is positive. On the other hand I think it is wrong to secretly take a photo of a person because of their body whether the body commentary is positive or negative. The fact that it’s done without the person’s knowledge does feel in some way shaming to me. He didn’t go up and say something to her or ask to take a photo with her in her outfit but rather did so secretly to then share publicly. I can’t really explain the shaming part, but trying to imagine if someone did this to me, I just get that feeling from it. And it is something in the secret aspect of it, it feels like someone making a joke behind your back, or else why can’t you say it to me or be obvious in your intent of wanting a picture?

    Also one can only guess as to her comfort with the revealing nature of the shorts. She might be totally comfortable with it, or just as easily the shorts may have started out a touch longer and they ended up riding up a bit more than she intended at that time- maybe she didn’t notice or just didn’t feel like dealing with it figuring it wasn’t a big deal for a short period if a few people saw that. It’s also possible she is ok with wearing it in public yet would still feel uncomfortable having lots of attention drawn to it- I can certainly imagine this myself. I wear shirts that show cleavage a lot and if I bend over and one can see a lot of boobage from my shirt it doesn’t really bother me, but I wouldn’t want someone posting a cell phone pic of that on instagram.
    Probability may be on the first- she is just totally comfortable with this, I just think it’s a good idea to remember there are other possibilities, which is why consent before taking and posting these photos is important.

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    1. EEE! I’m so happy you commented! I read your stuff all the time! *fangirl moment*
      I agree with everything you said . I don’t think we can assume anything about the girl’s feelings or her comfort level without talking to her.
      I think if someone approached me in public saying, “hey, can I take your picture because your shorts are so tiny and I can see your bum?” I would be offended. But that’s just me!
      His post opened a whole can of worms!


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