Crop tops for Jesus

Happy (Easter) Monday!

I’m not sure what happened today in the Bible to declare today Easter Monday, but whatever it was obviously wasn’t important enough to get me the day off. So, thanks for nothing, JC.

I hope you all had a great long weekend with your families and friends, celebrating whatever you want to celebrate (pastels, chocolate, Passover). I spent the weekend with family and friends, chocolate and vodka. All my favourites.

Anyways, somebody who celebrated Easter with her family was Kendall Jenner. Kenny and the Kardashian klan always* go to church. They love getting photographed going to church. They colour coordinate what they wear when they go to church. I love it, they love it. We all love it.

I’m not sure what kind of church they go to, but apparently it’s one that supports crop tops for Jesus. Yep. To pay her respects to the big man upstairs, Kenny wore a crop top.

Seriously? As if  you aren’t going to stand out enough as it is being a glamazon super famous model?


My parents were only Catholics on paper, so they never encouraged me or my sister to go to church, but when we went for our First Communion or a funeral or to get some street cred for my Dad and all of his sins, you best believe we went dressed to the nines. Dresses. Tights. Shiny shoes. Little white gloves.

I’m out of the loop with the religious crowd, but I hear some churches are really relaxed with their dress code. I guess they just want people actually GOING to church, so they’ll take jeans and hoodies. Jesus totally would have worn jeans. He was the everyman!

** Side note, my high school used to have a statue of a “contemporary Jesus” that was holding a lamb over his shoulders and wearing jeans. Levi’s…or wranglers. Probably whatever Marks Work Warehouse had on sale. Seriously.


I get that churches just want people to come on Sunday and give money, don’t forget they want your money, but how fucked up is it that someone can think  dressing like Mary Magdalene at a disco on a Saturday night to go to church is a good idea?

C’mon Kenny.

You’re supposed to be the great hope of the family.

Me and Jesus expected more from you.

*whenever there are cameras



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