Let’s Discuss: Hilary Duff

Yesterday, my friend Mel messaged me the following:

“Hi love! Um.. Hilary Duff?”

I love it. Cute pleasantry and then straight into pop culture fodder.


Mel’s fashion minded, fashion forward, fashionable, you get it. She’s THAT friend. The one who will wear the crop top and flared pants and kill it, while I’m dressing like “Old Money” (translation: I dress like a total yuppie). Any who, when Mel has a fashion opinion, I listen- because I’m clueless and will judge everything on a scale of “How Much Does this Dress Look like a Disney Princess?”

Hint – the closer to Disney princess territory, the better!



Mel says this Hilary is try-hard with her new look.

I say, she’s doing what most newly divorced people do: fucking with their hairstyle and hitting the gym.

Here’s Hilary at the premiere of her new show Younger, which is getting decent reviews on Rotten Tomatoes (the measuring stick of all things film and television).  The show’s on the network TV Land… make of that what you will.

I’m not mad at this look. I think Hilary’s beautiful so, keep on doing whatever you want, Hil.

Makeup – perfection

Dress- take off your coat and you’re perfect

Shoes – different choice

Hair – ?

What do YOU say?



  1. Look at you, Miss Two Posts in One Day! 😆
    I love the dress and the makeup but the hair kills the whole look for me. I almost wonder if there was a mishap at the salon and she had no time to fix it so she said “fuck it, I’ll just go like this.”


  2. Hilary Duff has changed so much since her Lizzie Mcguire days! Brings back a lot of childhood memories…

    Not sure what to say about her new look, but whatever she wants to do, no one should stop her!

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