#BookTalk – Now with Extra Snobbery!

My Super Awesome Wicked Adventure is officially a month away!

In four weeks, my cousin and I will be traipsing around France and England, drinking cheap wine and impressing strangers with our awful French (Who knew the language could be butchered THAT badly?) and our affected Madonna accents (I just keep saying David Banda and Malawi over and over again in preparation).


Loud and inappropriate in Paris: An Adventure Story

To say I’m excited is an understatement. I’m not well travelled. Shocking, I know. What gave it away? The fact that I talk obsessively about reality TV and put ketchup on everything? Judge not!  I’m completely lowbrow in almost every aspect of my life except with literature. I take my personal library seriously. I don’t often buy books purely for entertainment. I’m a complete knowledge junkie and judge you if you have a ton of beach reads on your shelf #snob.


I’m already a huge fan of Camus, McEwan, Barnes and always have a soft spot for Hemingway and Fitzgerald (but who doesn’t?) so I’m creating a must read list for the trip to get me in the European mindset.

 Here’s my to read list for the trip:

Madame Bovary – Flaubert

Of Human Bondage – Maugham

Brideshead Revisited – Waugh

The Second Sex- de Beauvoir

and of course… I’ll be bringing my copy of A Moveable Feast with me so I can eat bread and cheese and read in the park like a complete cliché.

If you have suggestions GIMME!



      1. Paris is great; I studied abroad there last year. I’ve also been to Nice (south of France), and if you like the beach and sunshine, you’ll enjoy it there, too!

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      2. oh! maybe I can convince my cousin to make a detour. I could do a whole two weeks in France happily, but we’re headed to London for a week to visit our other cousin.
        That’s so amazing! How did you like it? I should scour your blog for those posts!

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      3. For sure! I have several French posts floating around on my blog, but here are a few you might be interested in:

        Biweekly recap(s) of my stay in Paris:
        Part 1: https://thefinickycynicat.wordpress.com/2014/07/11/an-american-in-paris/
        Part 2: https://thefinickycynicat.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/an-american-in-paris-part-2/

        For desserts: https://thefinickycynicat.wordpress.com/2014/10/17/desserts-in-france-40-d-challenge-day-13/

        …and some pretty photos of the Eiffel Tower (for your pleasure): https://thefinickycynicat.wordpress.com/2014/07/26/the-eiffel-tower/

        If you also read French, feel free to check out my French blog as well: https://rebbitwritesat.wordpress.com/

        Amusez-vous! 🙂


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