Happy Fri-yay

Happy Friday, WordPressers!

Just eight more hours and then it’s an elastic-waist pant party!

I must admit, I’m incredibly jealous of my teacher friends who are on March Break next week. I’m even more jealous of one friend in particular *cough cough* Sarah *cough* who will be vacationing with her hubby in MEXICO for the next seven days.

Ugh! Take me with you! That wouldn’t be weird at all. We could tell everyone we’re Sister Wives and I’ll sleep outside like Mowgli from the Jungle Book.

That’s enough. I think I’ve made everyone awkward enough.

Here’s my Friday TWO! Normally I would post a Friday Five and share things that I’m loving, but this week my life has been stressful and exciting (more details later) so I can only think of TWO things to talk to you about.

1. Richard Madden

He looks like pocket sized perfection.

Google says Madden is 5″11, which is internet speak for 5″7, but Scottish Bae is so delish I’ll gladly enter in a relationship where we can swap jeans and climb on counters to reach objects on high shelves. GLADLY.

Plus, and I think some of you might disagree with me on this one…chest hair.


I love chest hair. I’m not into head to toe Wookie status, but I’m A-OK with a tease above a shirt collar. I’m like a cat pawing on a rug to get comfortable.



It’s manly! It says, “Hey girl, I don’t conform to societal beauty standards for men, and I don’t think you should conform to any either. I like your day 2 leg stubble. Let’s cuddle.”

*lights cigarette, turns on Letterman*

2. Kathy Griffin

If you’re female and a fan of stand-up, which I am, you know that Griffin is the reigning Queen (RIP Joan Rivers).


I was skeptical for Griffin to join Fashion Police, considering Fashion Police is balls, but I went along with it and trusted in Griffin’s judgment.  Sadly, not even a ginja-ninja could save that sinking ship, and Griffin announced her exit last night with this message.


How bad-ass is that?

How ON BRAND is she?

Authentic. Hilarious. Boss babe.




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