Giggle Reads

I’m tired.

On my way to work I had one of those moments where closing my eyes for a few moments seemed like a good idea. “What;s the worst that could possibly happen?”

Death, Lib. Death.

Or Severe disfigurement. Which let’s real, in my twisted sense of values is worse than death.

So instead of coming up with something quippy, I thought I’d share some articles and links that gave me a good giggle.


America continues to one-up it’s crazy in, New Yorkers unhappy about bar that attracts “Internet people meeting”

All women will relate to this writer and her struggle in Is This the Secret to Mess-Free Period Sex?

Florida Woman Tries to Back Out of Home Purchase By Blaming Diet Pills – Seriously. When I took diet pills all I did was shake and sweat for 20 hours out of the day.




  1. Omg. Seriously a “softcup”????? This is so interesting I must spend the next hour researching it. Because clearly I have so much work to do. While I’m at work. Wait…what if they track me researching a insertable cup to have mess-free sex on!?!? Ahhhh…


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