All Kinds of Kinds – Part 2

I began today thinking about intimacy and the connection between two people who accept one another for who they are.

My day took a sharp turn when I was reminded that there are people in the world who are against equality and Human Rights; people  who find expressions of love between two people to be “an abomination.”

I’m enraged. It feels like I’ve been lit on fire.

This is when someone will politely tell me to accept that everyone has different opinions, and that people are entitled to their opinions and blah blah blah- Fuck you. Fuck that noise.

I’ll never accept hate speech. I’ll never allow someone’s ignorance to serve an excuse for their behaviour.

Silence gives consent.

So I can’t be silent. I wasn’t silent. I wont ever be silent about what I believe in. My rant is vague, and I know I might not be making sense, but I’m taking this opportunity to put something positive back into the world after I just witnessed something ugly.






No labels. No categories.

Love is Love.


K, bye. Have a nice day.


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