Can’t Even. Won’t Even.

I would consider myself a risk taker. I don’t really weigh the odds when making a decision, probably because I never learned how to read odd ratios. Regardless, there are two things I don’t f*ck around with:

1. Contraception

2. My hair

Someone who obviously doesn’t share my views is my imaginary best friend Kim Kardashian.





What the actual hell did you just do to your hair?

I think this might be a cry for help, like Britney in 2007, except Kim’s hair is going to fall out from over processing in about two weeks.

Are you upset? Is this some kind of psychotic episode? Do you need me to call someone?


Right, Lindsay?

I also can’t help but feel like this is Kanye’s fault. It’s kind of like when your friend is dating an asshole and then all of a sudden starts wearing different clothes and listening to different music or doing drugs and you’re just shaking your head with your girlfriends blaming every dumb decision she makes on her new man.


You better invest in some conditioner and Vitamin E, because your hair is fried. I keep believing in you and then this. Come on. Work with me. Help me, help you.

Over it. I’m going to the mall.



  1. I second this. HORRIBLE. I can’t judge the color, being that I have the same color, but come on! It looks like she did it herself from a box and fried it all off! I’m totally blaming Kanye, but at this point she’s got to accept some of the responsibility for her failures. 😉


  2. i really hate it.
    1) it’s not flattering on her skin tone.
    2) it’s splotchy. you can still see some blorange pieces around the top.
    3) it looks like gummy straw.
    4) going from how dark her hair was to how light it is, and how fast she did it, is never a good idea.

    it makes me want to cry at how mistreated her hair is.

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      1. And more breakage.

        Lol I feel so terrible I have been away from the blogging world for a couple weeks! I just caught up in reading posts and I hope to write a post today. I’ve missed you!


      2. Lol I am going to write a post tonight (probably not posted til very late) but I will have all updates on there…we can talk more after you read that. That would be nice

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      3. awww thanks! it’s probably not going to be that happy to read…i apologize in advance!

        i look forward to having you make me feel better though lol


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