Get out of here, Gwyneth

Some people just don’t get it. The “popular” girls at my high school didn’t get it.

Here’s what I mean by “it” : I don’t like you and you aren’t funny

Gwyneth is trying. She’s trying hard to sell that crap movie Mordecai with Johnny Depp. More than anything she’s trying to sell herself as relevant and act as if I’ve forgotten the mess that was Shakespeare in Love.

Guess what, I didn’t.

So when I see Gwyneth on Jimmy Fallon and hear her on Howard Stern trying to change her image, I think the following:

1) No

2) Shallow Hal was your best film

3) No

I can’t.

I don’t even want to embed this but I feel you need to see what I’m referring to.

I would take a Lindsay Lohan 2007 interview denying being on drugs than listen to Gwyneth talk about anything.



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