Just sayin’ : Golden Globes edition

You know how there are those people in Hollywood that don’t really work anymore, or don’t really make anything GOOD anymore, but are always invited to awards shows because they’re beautiful and know how to serve face?


That’s what’s happening here at the Golden Globes.


Oh, god where do I begin. We had a big fallout this year over her trying to make it as a writer, but I still want to know all her anti-aging secrets. Still, JLO has to change up her look. It’s not cool to always look like a Latina Barbarella . You’re in your mid-forties, we get it. I love porn hair as much as the next girl all, but right now all you’re saying with this look is, “I’m single.”


Kate Hudson

Yeah, I hate on Kate Hudson. Deal with it. I feel like I have good reason. Name something Kate Hudson’s done in the past year, film wise? Past two years? Past three years? That’s what I thought. Thanks for showing up, Kate. I wonder if people still refer to you as the star from “Almost Famous?” I hope you meet a new boyfriend. Stay away from Jake Gyllenhaal …


Amal Clooney

So… I get that she’s Clooney’s wife and automatic Hollywood royalty…but she has a real job so she’s technically above all this Silver screen bullshit, but she should have listened to someone when they said, “Maybe we nix the gloves.” Everything else would have been perfect. PERFECT. She’s not a starlet, so she doesn’t need to serve the sex, but she’s got that senator’s wife hair down pat.

I expected more from you. I’m not mad, just disappointed.

george-clooney-wife-amal-golden-globes-2015-03Images from the master of all things Hollywood: Just Jared



  1. Oh Amal, those gloves. What a pity.
    I agree with you about Kate Hudson. Maybe she’ll link up with Matthew McConaughey and they’ll churn out something this year.
    Also, I feel like it should be said that the Queen of Everything, Meryl Streep looks amazing and I could only pray that I age as well as her. I’m 27 and behind the curve already.


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