Weekend Roundup: Take Back December Edition

December babies. They always get screwed over.  It’s impossible to upstage Jesus. Try. I dare you. Hanukkah tries, but then there’s the Christmas lights, and the Santa with the presents and it ends up being one big red and green mess.

My friend Mattie’s birthday is December 18th.  Something happens every year that throws a wrench in her birthday plans. Snow storms, holiday parties. This year we decided to take back December and go all out to celebrate all things Mattie!

The day started by checking into the hotel and getting my tranny make-up on point. I tried to contour my nose like BritBrit in the Women’s Health Mag. Anyways. Then while we waited for the rest of the girls to get ready I busted out my Mockingjay mug and sipped something for the over 19 crowd.




We ate snacks, devoured an entire cheeseball (I’ve got to get that recipe and post it, it was deadly), and took our fair share of selfies in prep for the club.

Now, I’m not a clubbing person. I know it looks like I must go out a lot, but I don’t. I go out for birthdays and that’s about it. I’m usually in elastic waist pants of some kind, I rarely shave my legs (hey boys), and the bra is off the second I walk through my front door. I was stressing days before Mattie’s birthday because I had no clue what to wear, how to behave, how much perfume to put on… I’m just a complete club rookie.

mattie lou

With the birthday babe


best frans

Louise (left) Themla (right)


Case in point: I was ready six hours early. By the time it was dance dance time, I needed to reapply make-up for the third time.

Despite being out of my element, I had a great time celebrating Mattie. I could tell it meant a lot to her that her closest friends said, “No thanks, family, we need to celebrate Mattie today!” and got dolled up for a night dedicated to her. It makes the social awkwardness worth it when you can tell your friend is grateful.

After about an hour at the bar, Mattie saw Rebecca and I hanging on the sidelines watching Home Alone on the big screen and politely gave us permission to leave. We asked our shuttle driver to take us to McDonalds and spent the rest of the night in bed watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. If that’s what clubbing is about, I can definitely do clubbing!

Happy birthday, Mattie Lou! Love you xoxo

bday babes

When it’s your birthday – you wear colour. That’s the rule.



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