I was Christmas-sy! Weekend Roundup

I tried super hard this weekend to get in the X-mas spirit!

Friday: The day my eyes exploded 

D’you ever have those days were you’re just emotional for no reason? Like, the Fault in Our Stars level emotional? And no, it’s not because your Aunt from the Red River is expected to pay you a visit, for whatever reason you just cry at the drop of a hat? I was having one of those days. Matt encouraged me to just let it all out, so we watched Animal House on Netflix, which is a series about the no-kill North Shore Animal League rescue facility in New York. I watched about 7 episodes and let the tears fall. I was ugly crying. Then I was convinced I should quit my job and spend my life rescuing animals.Hmm… that would be a nice change of pace…..


Saturday: Christmas baking! 

My friend Sarah and I decided to do some holiday baking. Out of the two of us, Sarah’s the Martha Stewart and I’m Martha’s cellmate. We decided to make chocolate chip cookies and some kind of festive almond cinnamon nut thinga-majigger.

photo 1 (14)

Pay no attention to the heater on my face!

We dressed up in fancy aprons and spent the afternoon in the kitchen. There was a weird part where we both wanted to eat cookie dough, but didn’t want to be the one who grubs it first. On our very last batch, we grabbed some raw goodness and sat on the floor in our glory. It was bliss. Is there anything better than raw cookie dough? Maybe freshly baked, slightly under-cooked cookies.

Sunday: KJ & Co. Christmas!

On Sunday evening KJ & Co, the events planning company I intern with hosted a holiday party for wedding industry professionals near and far. It was a fun night out with some yummy food and lots of stylish women wearing statement necklaces.


I’m normally not very good when it comes to meeting new people. I tend to either be very outgoing or too shy, but last night was a nice mix of the two. I was confident enough to talk to new people and had a nice time chatting with all the stylish ladies.



  1. mmmm now i want cookies. i guess i’ll settle for eating this bag of chocolate chips…it’s kinda the same right?

    and yes the crying thing happens sometimes. and yes it is good to let it all out. we can’t always be put together magical creatures right?


      1. yes but then i can’t send you an embarrassing photo of my stuffing my face and have it magically disappear haha but i will still find you on insta


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