Come for the cookies, stay for the girl talk

I lied, there are no cookies.

Man, I really want cookies. I’ve been eating like garbage lately. Pizza for breakfast, cookies for lunch. Chips for dinner. Today I was getting ready for work and thought, “Why is my belly button frowning at me?” C’est la vie. Surprisingly enough, my weight has dropped. I won’t ask questions. I’ll just go with it.

I think it’s either a side of maturity or just pure not giving a shit but lately I’ve been thinking “Hmm, maybe beauty isn’t everything in life.” I think my therapist would be proud. I should call him. Maybe this is just winter thinking because I can hide in knits and scarfs and not worry about leg cheese. My legs are jacquard (all the fashion kids will find that humorous).

Ok, so girl talk time!

Let’s get into it.

First I want to share a song I’m loving that will make all girls feel like bad bitches when they listen. If I could sing I would want a raspy voice like Elle King. She sounds like she’s fueled by whiskey and cigarette butts. I love it.

You should also check out her song “Can’t Be Loved”  (so good)
Another girly thing:

I’m wondering what y’all think about changing up looks? I was looking at old photos of myself and notice that I always do the same thing – long, big hair. I just bought new extensions, but I’m feeling an itch to cut my hair. Not J-Law short, but a long bob or a “lob”.

I just worry it’ll be 20 years from now and I’ll still be sporting the same hair style like the woman in the office who feathers her bangs,

You know her. She’s probably your mom.


What do you think? Have you tried to mix it up?

Does anyone remember the Sabrina the Teenage Witch episode where Jenny cuts off all her hair and Sabrina tells her over and over to repeat, “Hair grows, hair grows”?

Just me?

If I could get rid of all this useless knowledge I could probably rule the world. Sigh.

What else.

Oh yeah, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show is tonight (or being filmed tonight). I really appreciate that someone takes time out of their day to say,

“What can we do to make women everywhere feel bad about their bodies while simultaneously causing their boyfriends and partners to develop unrealistic expectations for women? I have millions of dollars to throw away, so let’s make it POP!”

To be honest, I watch every year. FOR THEIR HAIR!

I could care less about their tiny boobs. I don’t need anyone to blow me a kiss. I blow kisses to myself every day when I go to the bathroom at work.  I watch purely for the perfect ombre or sombre or balyage. The weaves! the weaves!

Victorias-Secret-Fashion-Show-2013-2014-77-e1384573051726I like to think they’re all really mean.I just have a theory sugar makes you a nicer person.  Which is why you’ve probably noticed diabetics are real bitches.*

*Kidding. Sort of.




  1. Beauty isn’t everything. It is the only thing. Haha kidding. I’m really just kidding. I feel the same though. As I get older I get more comfortable in my skin. It’s great!

    And yes you should cut it. It’s fun to change! I usually go back and forth between short and long every few years. I’ve been keeping my hair long for now though but I am itching to change!

    And I don’t watch the Victoria secret fashion show. I just look at their hair on Pinterest after haha


      1. Shorter hair is perfectly fine on fine hair (haha) it helps your hair feel thicker and when you style it, it will take way less time! You just need to get the right haircut 🙂


  2. I watch it every year too…and get depressed. But this year I’m watching specifically for T Swift. She makes me happy, at least she’s more “normal” than the rest of them! 🙂 … And about the hair. I have the same dilemma, I never change my hair. Ever. Last time I actually cut it (besides a trim) was in the 9th grade. I’m 30.


  3. I did the lob in October. It was cute and different, but now I’m over it and desperately trying to grow my hair super long super quickly (which is hard . . . Sabrina’s wrong!). If you love your long hair (like I once did *sigh*) don’t fall into the trap of “I wonder what I’d look like with short hair.” You’ll think it’s cute and then you’ll miss it and then you’ll end up buying horse shampoo to try and grow it out . . . not like I did that or anything *nervously laughs*.

    If you want to change it up, do an ombre! You get to keep your long hair, you get to add some color, it’s pretty much maintenance free, and, if you get sick of it, you chop it off and still have long hair!


  4. I had a couple really good laughs here! Great post. I don’t share those feelings about that fashion show for the same reasons every man, gay and straight, don’t share those feelings, but I don’t get together with my buddies to watch it. It something every guy does in secret.


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