Weekend Roundup: Little black dress edition

I’m currently watching Parks and Recreation in my hotel room in Montreal, trying to fall asleep after having some last minute work to do on my BIG presentation tomorrow. I’m not sure I’ll be able to sleep. I wish it were for a romantic reason like, “Oh, I miss sleeping beside my boyfriend” but the truth is I just keep thinking about how many people have probably had sex in this bed and I’m terrified of the germs.

Anyways – A day without blogging is like a day without Diet Pepsi. I get a little shakey and start having withdrawal headaches, so I thought I’d quickly share some of the highlights of this past weekend!

My weekend was a busy one!

On Saturday night I celebrated my bestie’s 25th birthday with a night in Niagara Falls and some yummy Italian food at Johnny Rocco’s. We ordered pitcher after pitcher of sangria (the birthday girl’s fave) and then returned to our hotel for a Taylor Swift sing along. Then it was off to the casino where I lost $50 of Matthew’s money. Note, it was not my own money.

That’s the only way I gamble.

photo 1 (1)

The birthday girl with her sparkler and ice cream (and full glass of sangria)


A photo with my blonde bombshell. Ask her about the dip. She loved the dip.


We might be dressed for a funeral, but we’re here to party

We woke up and treated ourselves to pancakes and made the tired drive back to the Hammer. As far as birthdays go, this was a great one. I don’t enjoy celebrating my OWN birthday, so I always have fun when it’s my best girl’s birthday. Everyone knows that thanking the universe for arranging the cosmos so that your best friend’s parents had unprotected sex and then raised the most incredible woman who just so happens to be your best friend is the best reason to party.

I have so much more to tell you but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow because I’m wiped and my 6 am wake-up call is quickly approaching.

Night, night.



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