Where do you find inspiration?

I don’t have much time to write today. Since the moment I got into work things have been ridiculously busy, but busy is good, right?


It’s one of those days where you go make a tea just to have two minutes to yourself. Then you have to go to the bathroom more so there’s another three minutes all by my lonesome. To be honest most of the time I go to the bathroom just to look at my hair, but whatever.


I’m curious where y’all find your inspiration to blog/write/create?


Do you put on different music to write, check out websites, take inspirations from conversations with friends?

My personal process usually involves the Flipboard app (a true gem). I’ll check out news stories and see where my little ol’ …I mean… above average brain with awesome bone structure takes me.

I’m hitting a slight wall. Not even T-Swift or Ben Howard is working for me today. I’ve even gone on Pinterest and looked up “Inspiration.” I’m not sure if my brain is just tired or if my inner Carrie Bradshaw has passed out after one too many cosmopolitans.

Tell me your process.

Share your secrets!



  1. I love to people watch! It’s something I’ve done since I was little (and I think I have finally mastered the skill of doing it without looking stalkerish).
    I always get so much inspiration from people around me, and I find I just can’t help making up stories about strangers.


    1. Yes! Yes yes! What are your watching secrets? Share your wisdom.
      My friends and I used to make up names for strangers in university. I still get random text messages saying “I ran into Carl today” (never met Carl in our lives)


      1. Brilliant haha!
        I always make sure not to stare and I always end up trying to look like I am reading while watching people over the tops of my glasses (head bent down, obviously).

        Come to think of it, I still sound rather stalkerish. Oh well!


  2. “To be honest most of the time I go to the bathroom just to look at my hair, but whatever.” AMEN.

    i’m interested to see what responses you get because i’m always looking for something to write besides things about the mindy project and one direction.


  3. A huge part of what I do is simply taking a step back and looking at my life from the outside, in. It gives me a lot of topics once I see things from a different perspective. Beyond that, I draw from the news, pop culture, anything that ticks me off.


  4. You have already resource to the two sites that I use the most, Flipboard and Pinterest. Something that I try sometimes as last resource is a 10, 15 or whatever number best examples of… in Google.


  5. you know what really helps a few good one liners flow? wine, whiskey, being hungover but not so hungover that you are in the gravitational pull of a toilet, being outside, talking to middle aged folks who are wells of wisdom, and the like! i never write if it doesn’t just come to me, and it usually comes to me while i’m biking to work and have no possible way to write it down so i hide away in the bathroom for the first few minutes of work and make notes to myself. haha.


  6. I write with a pen in my moleskin 🙂 the old school way inspires me and makes me think more clearly about my goals and how I’m getting closer.

    Also like to just day dream and visualise….pinterest helps lots.


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