Excuse me, Charlie Hunnam, but my loins are on fire

I was just winding down for the night when I did a last minute blog creep and came across this video of Sons of Anarchy star, Charlie Hunnam.

Call 911, call the police, call the Fire Department, call everybody because my lady oven is on fire (in a good way, not the I-need-medicated-cream-way).

See for yourself…

If you’re like me you’re watching thinking, “What farm is this? Someone Google maps this. Keep me away from that hay, I’ll set this whole forest up in flames!” 

Really, genetics? Really?

There are very few men that I look at and feel something akin to disgust. Like, I’ll think someone is so disgustingly beautiful that I physically can’t look at them. Charlie Hunnam is one of them. I go through phases of not watching Sons of Anarchy because I get so riled up whenever Jax’s hair looks clean (which is hardly ever) that I have to look away from the screen.

Charlie was in my hometown this past spring filming a movie. I begged my boyfriend to take a trip down to the set just to see if we could see a little piece of Hollywood in the Hammer.

I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. It was Hunnam signing autographs for older women who looked like they were wearing the latest fashions from the Gemma Teller collection: Boot-cut jeans, spiked heels, hair closer to God than the clouds above. Basically everything I aspire to be.

I froze. I powered down like a robot and just stood there watching Hunnam appease his fans. Gotta say it, he looked a little like a grumpus that day, but I’ll chalk that up to long hours and the fact that he was forced to live and work in Hamilton for a few weeks.

Matt nudged me, “Go ask for a picture! Get in there!”

Nope. Nope. Nope.

The disillusionment of celebrity culture combined with his beautiful flaxen haired locks were too much to handle.

“We have to get out of here!” I said, walking back to car, hoping it had magically transformed into a Delorian and could take me back in time to a half hour earlier when I didn’t come so close to Hunnam.

Good looking people should stay on my TV.



So go away, Charlie. You revoltingly stunning species.



  1. Great title, I must say.It was so catchy I had to read your article in the middle of work.
    He’s okay! Not too..Okay, okay, he’s beautiful, okay???
    Love the Jessica Day Gif at the end!


  2. “Call 911, call the police, call the Fire Department, call everybody because my lady oven is on fire” (in a good way, not the I-need-medicated-cream-way). Libby you are hilarious!!! I also tend to have this affect on women in general…


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